The Unique Corporate Culture in Google

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The Unique Corporate Culture in Google Executive Summary The internet giant of search engine “Google”, always rated for the “Best Workplace”, “Best Employer” in the recent ten years. Why? Except the professional technology, Google’s great and unique corporate culture made so. The feature of Google’s corporate culture is equality, free and human oriented.

The company provide the most luxury and comfortable work environment to its employee, encourage them relax more, play hard and work hard. From Google’s case, more and more companies realized the perks and benefits for the employee are no longer only medical, insurance, overtime pay, free coffee and two weeks holidays. In Google, nobody need to punch the clock, you can work in your own “time zone”.

If you don’t want to leave your pet in the working time, bring it in your office, you can stay with it in every minute. You don’t need bring the lunch box to the company, because it has free breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Vast kinds of facilities are well-established. Like the professional massagist, the gym, the massage chair, the bicycle, the dry clean laundry, the slides, the electronic scooter, the oil change, and so on.

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Everything seems great, but if the employee has other demand, they can speak to the founder or CEO directly, maybe the request would be excessive or crazy, but if it is feasible, Google will satisfy employee in every possible way. The open policy reflects the equality in Google. Every employee can see the boss and co-workers work plan and schedule. Google think this way can let all employees get the information about company’s program progress and developing direction, make them feel they are trusted and will be one of the groups always.

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