The threatened amazon rainforest

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The homes of these animals are under severe threat and not slowing down. In Just the last five months of 2007, more than 3,200 sq. Kilometers, an area equivalent to the state of Rhode Island, was deforested. The Amazon is the world's biggest habitat and we are gradually loosing it. The causes of the issue and the process There are many different opinions or attitudes toward threatening the Amazon coming from many different people of different backgrounds. When someone has an pollen they have a thought about how something should be.

People Like Indigenous people have opinions and so do people who work at the Amazon all the way to those people who work in the government. All these different opinions can conflict against each other as everyone may have a different view towards this issue. There are a number of issues for the Amazon being under threat and the mains reasons are: ranching and agriculture, commercial fishing, smuggling, damming, logging and mining. The reason for these threats is that the Amazon is the biggest rain forest In the world and people Is taking advantage of this.

More than half of Earth's rain rests have already been lost forever to the greedy human demand for wood and land. The Amazon is like a pile of gold that is being over-invested' in by the rich to make them richer and now is running out. The rate of population growth is climbing at a rapid rate but the rate of meat consumption is greater and this is having a harsh effect on the Amazon rainforest's. The high amount of demand means we need to farm more cattle and the Amazon Is their first destination with Cattle pastures occupying 80% of the deforested areas In the Amazon.

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Ranching and agriculture Is the single arrest contributor to deforestation. Ranching is the extensive art and science of which there is a large herd of cattle, sheep, or horses raised( as shown in the picture on the side). The art of ranching Is a complicated art to master which requires you to know many things and keep records of all your cattle, you should maintain records, made sure that the area you are ranching is secure, prepare for breeding season and much more. Ranching Is the only way to keep up with the high demand of meat. Ranching occurs In the land that has fallen velvet to deforestation.

This Is because hat land is already available and is perfect condition to breed a large herd of cattle, sheep or horse. Ranching goes on in 80% of the land that has fallen victim to deforestation. This activity does take a lot of land but is needed to satisfy current beef consuming rates. The main source of food and income for indigenous Amazonian people are fish, but In the modern day large industries are harvesting fish over fishing and threatening wildlife as if indigenous Amazonian don't have fish to eat they will have to eat the wildlife.

Over fishing is gradually increasing and may come catastrophic if nothing is done. Over fishing is when we fish so much in a certain regain that the fishes struggle to reproduce. This seems like a near impossible task to do but with modern day tactics and technology like industrial trawlers(as shown on the side)armed with gill nets that can scoop up entire schools of fish in a completely indefensible attempt to bring food to market and up to 60% of their catch is lost to spoilage. Industrial trawlers are spoiling the balance of the Amazon. Over fishing occurs in the Amazon River.

This is because the Amazon River s very large and is the home to many species of fish which can easily be fished. Experts predict that there are around 5000 different fish species in the Amazon rainforest's. The Amazon River is also the home to some of the fiercest piranhas. Smuggling is a big business in the Amazon with it was estimated that the illegal trade in wildlife is worth at least SIS$5 billion. The reason this activity happens is that it provides a good living for the smugglers and their family. Smuggling has to stop Smuggling is when you take animals illegally and sell them to people.

This activity as oh know is going on in the Amazon and is one of the rainforest's greatest threats. While smuggling you must be quite and sneaky to make sure you don't get caught. Many countries have extremely strict laws against smuggling animals because of its severity. Smuggling animals happens all throughout the rainforest's, this is because the rainforest's is not guarded by any person 2417 and it is easy to get away with smuggling in the Amazon. Smuggling is a big industry which potentially can exceed of IS$20 billion annually.

Smuggling is one of the many reasons why the Amazon is endangered and why we need to stop it. We build large hydroelectric dams in the Amazon in order to provide us with energy and provide clean pollution free energy. In our growing world hydroelectric dams provide a bee ken of hope for a better future but we Just don't have the land to provide for them, that's why we are using the land that has fallen victim to deforestation in the Amazon. Bell Monte is the world's biggest hydroelectric dam in the world currently under construction in the Amazon basin.

These dams are funded by international aid and development organizations like the World Bank which have led to widespread forest loss. Hydroelectric dam's power is produced as water passes through the dam, the amount of energy produced is based on the amount of water that passes through. Electricity is produced by a device called a turbine. Turbines contain metal coils which are surrounded by magnets. When the magnets spin over the metal coils, electricity is produced. Turbines are located inside dams. The falling water spins the magnets within the dam (as shown on the previous page).

These dams are made in the cleared out area of the Amazon. They are made there because that is the ideal place to make them and because of the low cost. The dams are a leading contributor to land degradation in the Amazon witch needs to stop. Hardwood trees provide wood for many things like furniture, building material, charcoal all the way to paper. If logging in the Amazon was stopped, we would struggle to keep up with the demand of paper and Just everyday items made out of wooden concerning any wooden things. Wood and paper manufacturing enterprises in Italy accounted for 21. % of Logging is important for our daily lives to strive. Logging is when people go to a certain area and cut down trees and transport the logs to a saw mill. They do this moieties with the help of machines but most of it is still hard labor. Since 1970, over 600,000 square kilometers (232,000 square miles) of Amazon rainforest's have been destroyed (a graph of deforestation on top). Logging is important to maintain the world's economy. Logging occurs in the Amazon rainforest's. This is because the Amazon has lots of trees to log and is so vast it will fuel the logging industry for many years to come.

The Amazon rain forest is 5,500,000 km. We need to do something about this arising future crisis. Many everyday items are made from minerals mined in the Amazon basin. We need to mine to keep up with the high demand of the goods that mining produces due to our plants rapid rate of population growth. Every second 4. 3 people are born worldwide; while every second 1. 8 deaths occur. The world population has a net gain of 2. 5 people every second. Our world depends on mining. Mining is when you dig into the ground for different minerals and materials (as shown in the end of the previous page).

This is done with the help of huge machinery and manual labor. When one is mining they need to have many requirements like, they need to have all the machinery ready to purify the minerals and someone to by he minerals and many more. Mining is a vital part of any countries economy. Mining occurs in the empty land of the Amazon because the land there is rich in minerals and extremely vast. Mining in the Amazon is done by the big mining companies because they are the ones who have the money to invest in it.

We cannot underestimate the impact mining can have on the Amazon basin, we need to act. Different perspectives relating to the issue Indigenous people strongly oppose of any threats to the wildlife in the Amazon rain forest because they live of the wildlife and if the wildlife is gone there will be no food, Deforestation is a major factor of habitat loss and the natives don't like the cutting down of trees, not only because the food will be gone but because the food that is left will create immense competition within the tribes and create great dysfunction, forcing them to create enemies.

Indigenous views should be held at a great level of importance as it is traditionally their land that we are entering. Most of the people working to threaten the Amazon don't want it to stop. For the people working at the work sites, this work is giving them and their family a living and if it stops their evildoer will collapse because they will not have a Job. The workers need the Amazon to survive. The Brazilian government (building shown on the side) agrees with the workers, as the Amazon is a great income source for many things and is great for the economy.

Without the Amazon many people would be placed into poverty and would promote the black market and illegal activities such as illegal logging, on top of all that the world would not be able to cope as their will be a sudden decline in the number of products being manufactured and with the high demand there is people and companies would not be able to cope. The world needs they have the right to think that way. The indigenous people think about the future and don't like their environment being destroying, while the workers are thinking about their position and what it would be like if their Jobs where cut.

The government has to think about everything and consider all scenarios and come to a conclusion. I believe all of these opinions are valid opinions that should be respected. Individual, group and governments responses to the issue Greenback( logo on the side) is a global environmental organization and they have en fighting strongly to keep the Amazon safe and out of harm's way. Green peace's goal is to have zero deforestation, globally by 2020. By do this by lobbying political powers to take action against this issue and convince the public that their cause is top priority.

Greenback fight for a good cause. Greenback fought for the new forest code not to pass the government as that will lead to an increase in deforestation. They campaigned for the Brazilian president, Dilemma to stop this regressive forest code. Greenback failed but say that the fight is not over yet. Greenback fight for a good cause. World Wildlife Fund (WFM) is another global environmental organization (logo on the left), but they have done more to help the Amazon rainforest's then green peace. They have invested in depriving soy farming, cattle ranching, hydrophone and illegal and unsustainable logging.

WFM is paving the way for environmental groups worldwide. Soy farming- WFM works with the soy farming industry to make sure that they do as much as they can to reduce their impact to the wildlife around them. Cattle ranching- WFM educates ranchers and teaches them why they should not establish new ranches to increase profit while giving them tips o get the most out of their current ranch, they also teach ranchers how to ranch in a more efficient way. Hydrophone- WFM provides scientific support to help find dam locations that will do the least harm to the environment.

Illegal and unsustainable logging-WFM works to create market conditions that conserve the world's forests WFM was successful in all of these endeavors. Their plans are more believable and efficient then Green peace's plans to eliminate deforestation. Eliminating all deforestation by 2020 is a much more difficult task then negotiating with the people ho lead these threats to the Amazon and WFM know that, they have realized that they have to work with the workers as these threats provides them with Jobs and a living.

WFM are a company who has thought of everything. Meanwhile the Australian government (parliament house on the side) has been doing good deeds. Australia has donated $250,000 dollars to the Amazon rainforest's protection program. Australia's donation was only the 2nd country to make a donation to the Amazon rainforest's; this donation was a major boost to the program and will be used wisely. Brazier's government has been doing things to protect the Amazon basin like setting up a Amazon fund. This fund is aimed at raising money from governments and corporations.

So far, it has secured an agreement with Norway, which will provide US $1 billion over 70 years. As of 2009, Norway has distributed $100 million towards the Amazon Fund. Brazier's government is slowly helping the Amazon recover. These actions by the Brazilian government have been mildly successful considering how much money they have raised. Individuals have played a big part in saving the Amazon by doing little things like buying a piece of land from the Amazon for says to protect rainforest's like the Amazon all the way to restricting what they buy to eating less meat to lower the demand for it.

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