The Theory of Time Travel

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For many year time travel was the stuff of science fiction. This is only part of the imagination of the world until recently. Scientists now believe that the current laws of physics allow us to travel in spite of time. They believe that we can now come back to see our Founding Fathers signing the Declaration of Independence.

We can go to 2022 to watch the next World Cup or go to 3000 to witness the birth of the new millennium. Such travel would require a machine that capable of withstanding high pressure and an incredible amount of speed. Actual travel although time is largely agreed, but the effects of such travel are not so determined. As far as we know, time only moves in one direction is forward. But if you could loop back to visit the universe at an earlier point in time, a famous paradox arises.

Although the theory of time travel has been contested due to a variety of reasons, the Grandfather Paradox is one of the best paradox of time travel in which inconsistences emerge through changing the past. It has attracted the majority of attention from philosophers and it is this paradox that has serious consequences for the possibility of time travel. The name of this paradox came from a common description: a person travel back to the past to kill their own grandfather before the conception of their father or mother, which prevents the time traveler’s existence. So it will not make any sense because if you go back to kill your own grandfather so your own parents will not appear and so do you.

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The point is if you go back to kill you grandfather, do you really exist again in your present world and if you do not exist in your real world can you travel back to the past and kill your grandfather? It’s really a paradox which does not make any sense when you try to argue about this time travel. So it impossible to travel through any time because you will unforeseen the consequences after that. People usually think travel through time is possible when technology was so develop in 21st century.

But scientists have not calculate the consequences may occur. For example, we cause some trouble while we are traveling and get stuck in that time dimension and you break some mentally truth that cause effects to the present or the future or worse. The simplest resolution to the grandfather paradox is that when you go back in time, you’re actually not going back into your own history but to a copy, and everything you do there influences the new alternate future of that universe, not your own past.

Or there will be another solution that you go back in time, kill your grandfather, thus you are not born so you can’t go back in time, thus your grandfather is not killed, thus you are born, so you go back in time and kill your grandfather and so on. You can see this is a looping linear series of events but really it is two entangled histories happening in parallel. So if the universe were to exist in a superposition of two states, your grandfather is alive and your grandfather is dead then the natural result is a superposition of two states, you’re born and able to go back in time to kill your grandfather and you’re not born and the natural result of these is a superposition of two states, your grandfather is dead and your grandfather is alive.

So from the logical perspective, this looping timeline is entirely consistent and there’s no paradox. In my opinion, those solutions to against the paradox is not proving that time travel is possible. You can see when you travel back and kill your grandfather so how can you suppose to appear when your grandfather does not appear. This event can change your whole timeline and even can change the world timeline.

What if you create a company that contain 50% of your country’s GDP and then you kill your grandfather and you will not able to exist so how can you create that company and what will happen to your country’s GDP. That the first example for the consequence you could made when you travel through time. The second example is when you travel back and kill your own grandfather you will create a new loop and the loop keep going and in an order is you kill you grandfather and you will not appear in present to go back to kill your grandfather.

That means you could bend your own timeline and leads to the different scenario. Therefore, I could say that time travel is impossible depend on the grandfather paradox. You can’t change what will actually happen or if you can so it must be change in present not in the past or future. It could be say that it is God’s decision and you have to follow.

The development of time travel research in the last century and at the beginning of this century has shown that constructing time machines are possible based on Einstein’s theory of relativity. Only the question of their stability is still open. The problematic of causality can’t be avoid via the version of possible parallel universes.

In particular, the problematic of consciousness, ego and alter ego which has not been discussed in research as it is in this essay, raises new questions in the line of paradoxes. But I think travel to the future is more possible than to the past. Because you can’t create the future in present but you can ruin the present when you change your past. In overall, I think time travel still need more time for scientists do more research and experiment, but in a hundred years from now I think.

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