The teens old enough to drink had some beers

To the Editor, When I read the letter about increasing the age at which people can buy alcohol, I felt I had to write.  I definitely disagree with this idea! Just because someone cannot buy alcohol doesn’t mean that person can’t get drunk.

 Many people between 18 and 30 are responsible enough to buy alcohol.  Even if you argue otherwise, teenagers and young adults can still get alcohol–and one way is the very “responsible adults” argued in favor of.

If teenagers are not equipped to handle the effects of alcohol, then neither are those adults.  When I was eleven, I went camping with my parents and some family friends.  The teens old enough to drink had some beers, but stopped when they had a buzz on.  One adult drank so much she made herself sick.  We heard her throwing up in the bushes!  How much more proof do you need that adults are more childish than teenagers?

If this law were put to a vote, many people would oppose it.  Not only is it stupid, it is unenforceable– there aren’t enough police officers to monitor all places that sell alcohol, let alone teens and young adults who might buy alcohol!  Current laws prohibiting teens from buying alcohol are fine.  Merchants check identification and refuse service to anyone under 18.

Obviously they do a good job, considering how few teens die in accidents every year in comparison with adults.  Looking at the numbers alone, the adults obviously need babysitting, not the kids.

It’s not fair to restrict teenagers’ and young adults’ access to alcohol.  It won’t work, anyway, since there are always enough adults who are gullible enough to buy alcohol for kids who ask them or bribe them enough.  Let’s face it: Anne Helmer’s idea is just plain stupid.


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The teens old enough to drink had some beers
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