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The Technology Has One Of The Biggest Development

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It has become the first phone with multi- touch screen. Since this moment, a lot of other companies such as Samsung r ETCH tried to tackle Apple and outsell Phone.

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The Technology Has One Of The Biggest Development

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. R R R The latest model of Apple, Phone 55, was released in 201 3, 30 years ago after the first cellophane. It seems incredible how drastically changed the history of the mobile phones within 3 decades.

From big and heavy brick it transformed into the small and convenient device with multi-touch screen R with the ability to download many different APS, and have a ton of many other options such s R easy access to the Internet in any time and place and, of course, a good camera R R You may not be the fan of the Apple, but there's the one thing you should admit: they do start the trends. In 2010 Apple presented a brand legendary gadget -? Pad. And suddenly everyone wanted to have a tablet.

And many variations with different Ox's such as Android, Windows, and ISO is continuing to appear till today R The development of tablets made a real revolution. Almost 10 years ago appearing of the notebooks made needless cumbersome and inconvenient to carry personal computers. Nowadays, because of tablets even notebooks will stay in the past soon. R In 2013 Microsoft released the Surface, Windows-8-based newcomer to the tablet wars, which doubles as keyboard and allows this device to serve as notebook.

So you have a table and a notebook in one device But technological progress touched not only phones and computers, it made the things that we couldn't even imagine. R "The future is now' - this is slogan of the Google Glass - the display of augmented reality which has the form of the glasses. R It means hat you can take a picture, record a video, send a message, make a phone call and use Google using only the glasses.

It seems impossible but this is reality. R Another technical newcomer that becoming popular today is Smart Watch - a computerized wristwatch with functionality that is enhanced beyond timekeeping and have such functions as WI-IF, audio and video player, GAPS and many other. R As we see, for the 30 years gadgets literally became the part of our life. The technologies are rapidly developing R and every year they amaze us more and more

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