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The Starbucks Business Ethics

Aside from its employees, Starbucks also values its integrity and fairness and focuses on internal stakeholder issues such as product quality, customer satisfaction, employee wages and benefits, and external local community and environmental responsibilities issues that it can influence.

In order for Starbucks management the direction of their business ethics, the Starbucks Business Ethics and Compliance [BEC] program was launched to develop and distribute Starbucks “Standard of Business Conduct” and facilitates legal compliance as well as ethics training.Included in the BEC program of Starbucks is the Business Conduct Hotline – a toll free phone number that Starbucks employees may call anonymously and report any sensitive matters concerning business ethics inside the company (Starbucks.

com, 2007).Concerned employees can also Email their concerns and questions to [email protected]

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com or approach directly any BEC team members. Though the BEC program and the Business Conduct Hotline, Starbucks can enforce and monitor the ethical behavior of its stakeholders. In this regard, Starbucks successfully uphold good business ethics performance thereby keeping its integrity and fairness to its employees.