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The minister hips himself "Laughing bitterly at himself the while, and smiting so much MO re pitilessly, because of that bitter laugh" (120). Timescale is miserable and pathetic that while he is torturing himself for his sin, he laughs at himself. By laughing bitterly at himself If he shows weakness and knows how pitiful he is, understanding that he is a true disappear ointment to everyone including himself. Though with all this torture it "Typified the constant NT introspection wherewith he tortured, but could not, purify himself' (120).

These punishment TTS reveal the examination of Damselfly's mental and emotional processes, which explain his constant internal struggle. After he tortures himself, Timescale is still not purified. H e can only become wholesome when he exposes the sin to the townspeople. In the forest scene, Timescale decides to run off with Hester, but on the path home his mind becomes controlled by the evil. While passing by young Puritan children, the minister had to restrain himself from "uttering certain blasphemous jugs sections" (179).

Timescale wants to teach them unholy words. By doing this he is corruption g the minds of these innocent, pure children when he is supposed to be a role model for them. As a Puritan minister, Timescale would never be having these thoughts, he was a different man. T he minister had "Stupefied all blessed impulses and awakened into vivid life the whole brother hood of bad ones" (182). Timescale was tempted by a dream of happiness that he became too eager envisioning a better life than the one he has now.

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All of his "blessed senses" had become "SST updated", and he is not thinking the way he was before. By using the word "vivid" it makes the BRB therefore of all the bad impulses more clear and striking. Timescale is now startled at him self of thinking these thoughts and quickly tries to recover himself. Damselfly's confession in the last scene on the scaffold is the action that pr vides his salvation. The minister stood on the scaffold with a "Flush of triumph in hi s face, as One who in the crisis of acutest pain, had won a victory' (209).

He has a triumph express Soon on his face in which he appears that he had just accomplished a great victory and achieved .NET. During the time when the minister had kept his sin a secret, he was a miserable man, who WA s pained and distressed from the guilt of suppressing the sin from the rest of the townspeople pale. However, now hat Timescale has confessed the sin his wretched self can now be freed FRR mom the torturing remorse he went through, and can now finally come clean.

The minister then finishes his sermon by saying " Had either of these agonies been wanting, [He] had been lost for e eve (210). He is saying his final goodbye, and says that God had brought him there to die in trip unmeant shame in front of all the people. God gave him the burning mark on his chest, and the d ark and terrible Chlorinating to always keep the torture redroot. Without any of these agonies s Timescale would have been lost forever, God's will has been done. Timescale had pop red his heart into this sermon, using all his energy until his spirit departs.

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