Essays on Pardoners Tale

Essays on Pardoners Tale

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The Pardoner Vs A Simple Plan

The main message that gets conveyed from “The Pardoner’s Tale” is morality sets in on all aspects of being an ethical human being. Be that as it may, Chaucer additionally needs to persuade us to understand that as far as anyone knows heavenly individuals from …

Canterbury TalesPardoners Tale
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Pardoners Tale By Geoffrey Chaucers Review

Ms. Montanino English 4 CP January 28, 2013 “The Pardoner’s Tale” Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Pardoner’s Tale” discusses the story of three rioters. From the start he introduces us to the men just drinking throughout the day. He talks about how they should be aware of …

Pardoners Tale
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"The Pardoner's Tale" is one of The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. In the order of the Tales, it comes after The Physician's Tale and before The Shipman's Tale; it is prompted by the Host's desire to hear something positive after the physician's depressing tale.

Geoffrey Chaucer



The Pardoner's tale is presented as a straightforward fable with an obvious moral. Greed is the root of all sin, and the wage of sin is death. Though the Pardoner himself may be as sinful as his drunken characters, he delivers a story that contains a clearly presented religious lesson.


The Pardoner's Tale is an example, a type of story often used by preachers to emphasize a moral point to their audience. The Pardoner has told us in his Prologue that his main theme—“Greed is the root of all evil”—never changes.


The Pardoner's actual Tale takes place in Flanders, in Belgium. It begins in a tavern which, no surprise, is a hotbed of all kinds of vices and lechery. (Lots of sermons used taverns to symbolize the ultimate example of sin.)


What is the lesson of the Pardoner's Tale?
The Pardoner's Tale's main moral lesson is that greed is what causes all evil. As moral vices to avoid, gluttony is also discussed in the "Prologue To the Pardoner's Tale".
Why is the moral of the Pardoner's Tale greed is the root of all evil?
The Pardoner shows his theme that "greed IS the root of evil" through his tale and his "confession" regarding the ways he makes his living. His greed drives him to preach a sermon with the sole purpose of getting his pardons, relics, and other items purchased.
What is ironic in the Pardoner's Tale?
Ironically, however, the Pardoner's parable teaches us about the sin he committed. In the pardoner's prologue, it is stated that he attempted to pass off pig bone as relics from saints, a pillowcase as a Mary-like scarf, etc. To make some money, he sells false pardons to people looking to get pardoned from their sins.
What is the Pardoner's Tale an example of?
The Pardoner’s tale is an example of morality tale, meaning that it teaches a moral virtue.

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