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Virginia Woolf’s a Room of One’s Own

Though published seventy years ago, Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own holds no less appeal today than it did then. Modern women writers look to Woolf as a prophet of inspiration. In November of 1929, Woolf wrote to her friend G. Lowes Dickinson that …

Room Of One's Own
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A Room of One’s Own Critical Analysis

Many intelligent and creative women can make great contributions to the society if they are given space and time. However, for many years women have been viewed as less intelligent, merely mothers, and objects of ownership. (more…)

Room Of One's Own
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Why is a room of one's own important?
Virginia Woolf's essay A Room of One's One's is a landmark of feminist thought of 20th-century. It examines the history of women and literature through a highly provocative and unusual investigation of the socio-material conditions required for the creation of literature.
What is the subject of a room of one's own?
Woolf stated that the official subject matter of the book was Women and Writing. She was asked by Woolf to give lectures.

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