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In this report I will be evaluating how The Regents policies and procedures contribute to effective and efficient management of physical resources. Also I will make recommendations to improve the physical resources of The Regent. This report will also discuss the reliability of my resources. The purpose of this evaluation is to demonstrate a key understanding in the key features of physical resources. M1 - Evaluate how a selected organisation’s policies and procedures contribute to effective and efficient management of physical resources.

Background For something to be effective it must be successful in a specific outcome, whereas if something is efficient it must be functioning with minimum waste or leftover of recourses. The Regent is a theatre in Ipswich, Suffolk. It is owned by Ipswich Borough Council (IBC), the theatres auditorium was recently refurbished and can currently hold a maximum of 1, 551 people. The resource manager of The Regent is Julian. His job is to manage the physical resources of The Regent. A physical resource is a tangible resource that is available to a business; this could be ICT, materials, buildings, plant and machinery, supplies; such as toilet paper, light bulbs, etc. and services & energy.

Light bulbs A fluorescent lamp converts electrical power into useful light more efficiently than an incandescent lamp. Ipswich Borough Council (IBC) is trying to be more energy efficient, and as The Regent is owned by IBC they are being forced to replace some of their incandescent (not-efficient) light bulbs with fluorescent ones. This is efficient as it is helping the regent save money, however it has resulted in there being three different types of light bulbs, as some of the LED & Incandescent lights can’t be converted, due having a different fitting size.

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This has resulted in The Regent not being able to benefit from economies of scale as much as they were before when they only had 2 types. This is an increased cost for the business. However a positive is that Fluorescent bulbs do not have to be replaced as often as incandescent, therefore they are making a small saving, and also they use less energy as these light bulbs run with less waste, i.e. heat.

Tender If any work is over £5000 it has to be put out to nationwide tender by IBC. This procedure can take a long time. Because they have to get three different quotes and go with the best value, best value is not always the cheapest, as there may be some hidden extras.  This is bad and does not contribute to the efficient and effective management of physical resources because most of the work they will need to be contracted out will need to be done fast, for example, if the stage was to be damaged during a show this would have to be fixed fast for the business to remain operational, i.e. put on shows and make money.

Procurement Procurement is the accusation of goods, where by under council policy The Regent must source their physical resources from a list of pre-approved suppliers. The procurement procedures are effective in helping the efficient and effective in the sense that it allows The Regent to benefit from it through economies of scale, allowing them to buy in bulk, therefore saving money. This is very important as The Regent’s budget is set by Ipswich Borough Council, this is at £250, 000, however this is set to be reduced by 30% next year leaving them with only £175, 000. The procurement procedures that have been set in place by Ipswich borough council will help them achieve this; this is why the procurement procedures are effective and efficient in the management of physical resources. Read the list of microeconomic policies

Ipswich Borough Council will research into options that are best for them, this will usually be the cheapest, but as already mentioned the cheapest is not always the best value. Nonetheless this is ineffective and inefficient in helping manage physical resources, for example it will save time, The theatrical rider (see below) makes some strange requests for things that performers need or want for the shows, the list of pre approved suppliers wont have every item in stock, and The Regent would need these items quickly as they are working to tight deadlines for the performances.

Theatrical rider A theatrical (or technical) rider is a list of demands that a performer has for a performance at a specific concert. Normally the rider is the same throughout the tour. If the regent does not meet the requirements of this it could lead to breach of contract, this could cost The Regent money. The technical rider states who is to supply what. For example, small artists will require most of the equipment to be supplied by The Regent; this will be stated in the rider. The technical rider also states the timings, and who has control of the regent at each stage, for example The Regents’ manager will have control up until the performance when the band’s manager will take control.

Chris is the technical manager of the regent. His job is to ensure that all of the requirements of the technical rider are met without breaching The Regent’s policies and procedures. The technical rider helps the efficient and effective management of physical resources to the regent because it allows them to get everything ready. The technical rider also discusses training and legal requirements that I have discussed later in this report. Contract All the contracts at the regent have a regular review. For example, their cleaning contract is reviewed every month, this is to ensure that they are meeting the terms of the contract their and providing a good service.

They also check other contractors, for example, wholesalers, they will check for delivery times, how often they are late, accuracy of the order, etc. This contributes to the effective and efficient management of physical resources as it enables them to ensure that they are receiving the best service for money, also if something is not effective, i.e. they are not fulfilling the terms of the contract, The Resource Manager could discuss this with them, or under terms mentioned in the contract, dismiss them and find a new contractor. This allows the regent to receive best value for money.

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