The Pregnancy Project

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“The Pregnancy Project” Reaction Paper “There are always going to be some people in life who disappoint you and don't believe in you like you hoped they would, and you have to find the strength to rise about it and realize that they're wrong. You're still a worthy person whether they thing so or not. If there's no one else to tell it to you, then tell it to yourself. ” This is one of the things that Gaby Rodriguez says in the movie ‘The Pregnancy Project’. These are words that everybody can relate to. There are people that we think can support us in any problems or situations that we encounter.

But in the movie, I realized that there are people who will left you when they heard something bad or when they find out something not good about a person. In contrary, there are people who will support you and who will always be there for you in any situations or even in the highest and lowest peak of your life. There is also lot of scenes in the movie that becomes remarkable to me. First, when Gaby proposed a study about teenage pregnancy. She is to brave to proposed and do a study about a problem of many countries, a social issue. I am also surprised when I heard that she will pretend to be pregnant.

It is an effort to her just to know how people react on what happened to her and the things that people are going to say. Second, the way her friends and all the people around her reacted. It made me think, if the entire are also like that. If they are going to be stereotypes also or they will react as if there’s nothing happening in their surrounding? What they are going to do, if they also become teenage parents? They look at Gaby and treat her as a trash and as if she did not exist. People just look at her belly and gave her a miserable face. For me, it is very humiliating. It is inappropriate to judge a person as if they know everything.

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It is right to give second chance to those people who have done a big mistake. It is just right to forgive a person until he/she learned something from his/her mistake. As we all know, no one is perfect. Everybody make or do mistakes intentionally or unintentionally. The last scene, this is the most unforgettable one. It is the scene when Gaby announces in all the people in her school that she is not pregnant, her pregnancy is just fake. I salute Gaby for having the courage to announce her fake pregnancy. It is not easy to face those people who think that Gaby is really pregnant.

One should be ashamed if he/she tricked all the people around her but Gaby did it for a good and special purpose. It is right to give a big round of applause to Gaby after she present her study about the social issue, teenage pregnancy. Gaby let people know how they react and criticize one’s personality when the saw a teenage mom. It is only her that I know who has the guts and courage to do and finish such project. Gaby’s story is about fighting stereotypes, and how one girl found the strength to come out from the shadow of low expectations to forge a bright future for herself.

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