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How to prevent Teenage Pregnancy

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Each year the United States is acknowledged for having the highest number of pregnant teens in the industrialized world. We have clueless teenage females of every race having children while they are in high school. Sex is on the minds of so many teenagers that they forget that they are not yet at a stage of having children. Since it is difficult for adolescent girl to resist the temptation of having sex; a while abstinence is the best form of prevention, birth control and other forms of protection are reliable ways to prevent teenage pregnancy. Abstinence is the best and safest way to preventing pregnancy at a young age.

Abstinence is avoiding sex or any type of sexual activity. “If two people don’t have sex, then sperm can’t fertilize an egg and there’s no possibility of a pregnancy”(Hirsch1). “Only one-third of teen mothers will complete high school”(pike1). Many teenagers have sex before they leave high school catching STDs and becoming pregnant before graduating. Becoming abstinent is one of the best ways for preventing pregnancy because your not doing anything but avoiding peer pressure. Abstinence has a lot of peer pressure but it has a great ending in the long run.

“Peer pressure and things you see on TV and in the movies can make the decision to practice abstinence more difficult”(Hirsch2). Even though it may be difficult for couples to resist having sex due to peer pressure it has its benefits in the end. They have a better chance of not receiving any type of STDs and most important not having children. “Abstinence is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. Although many birth control methods can have high rates of success if used properly, they can fail occasionally. Practicing abstinence ensures that a girl won’t become pregnant because there’s no opportunity for sperm to fertilize an egg”(Hirsch1).

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Even though abstinence is 100% affective not everyone has the ability to resist the powerful peer pressure that comes with it. Birth Control is the next best thing that is accepted by teenage girls. Birth control or contractive pills are pills that are taken orally to help stop the release of an egg every month. “In simple terms, all methods of birth control are based on either preventing a man‘s sperm from reaching and entering a woman‘s egg (fertilization) or preventing the fertilizes egg from implanting in the woman‘s uterus and starting to grow”(Stoppler1).

Birth Control is 99. 9% effective when it comes to preventing teenage pregnancy. However birth control doesn’t permanently stop fertilization after you are on it. The contractive pills may also fail if a teenager was to miss one day of taking the pill after her period. “If pills are skipped or forgotten, a girl is not protected against pregnancy and she will need a backup form of birth control, such as condoms. Or she will need to stop having sex for a while. Do not take a friend’s or relative’s pills” (Hirsch1). Condoms are the most popular way of preventing teenage pregnancy.

Condoms block the sperm from fertilizing the egg inside of the female. Condoms have different brands and types for females and males. “Condoms are absolutely the best birth control for teenagers. They protect against pregnancy and diseases. They are used at the time, so there is no need to fret over whether you forgot to take our pill last Tuesday. They are relatively inexpensive, and easily available (regardless of your age). Both genders can take responsibility for procuring and using them” (Rayne1). These outstanding items work unless someone was to use them the incorrect way.

Condoms are made of latex or polyurethane. The best one to choose is the condom made out of latex because they are slightly more reliable. Polyurethane condoms are mostly made out of plastic. “The most common reason that condoms “fail” is that the couple fails to use them at a. Still, it is possible for a condom to break or slip during intercourse. Condoms can also be damaged by things like fingernails and body piercing” (Hirsch2). Condoms are a very reliable source for preventing teenage pregnancy if they would just use them.

Even though it may be hard for teenage girls to resist the not having sex; becoming abstinent, using different forms of birth control and condoms are the best way for preventing a unplanned pregnancy. We can stop the United States from having the highest rate of teenage pregnancy each year if the girls will do their part. So many youths have failed to live their life due to the fact that they have had children at a very young age. Having sex can wait, but if they do decide to take the risk of becoming a parent at a very young age, there are always three things they can do to prevent it from happening.

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