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Several strategic relationships exist within the Virgin Group. One of the most recent of these strategic relationships involves its offer to customers of digital and mobile phone services as well as broadband internet service. Virgin Digital UK offers digital music to a wide variety of customers in mediums that are compatible with a wide range of software and digital hardware.

The company boasts a high preparation for this market as it has deep roots in the music industry, beginning with its record company Virgin Records. Because of Virgin’s Records previous ownership and rights to many music tracks, the Virgin Digital company has benefited by its having already at its disposal thousands of tracks to make available to the public (Baker Capital, 2005). Further aiding this is the partnership involved with the mobile phone service company under the Virgin label.

Downloading music to mobile phones is an advantage that can be offered to Virgin mobile customers as an incentive to subscribe or switch to the Virgin mobile service providers. This is also an advantage for the Virgin broadband provider, as it allows the Group to further integrate its digital services to include internet service and offer such packages and exclusive deals (such as Radio Free Virgin) that have the potential to draw even more customers.

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Another strategic relationship exists among the Virgin transportation companies. The Group of airlines (Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Galactic) have the distinction of offering the lowest fares for packages in the Atlantic and other parts of the world. The ability to offer flights to and from more obscure and less-travelled destinations is granted to Virgin because of partnership between and among the Virgin airline companies of the different regions.

Furthermore, the privilege is extended by the existence of a partnership with Virgin Rail that offers extended service via railway farther into more inaccessible regions of the European continent (Virgin, 2007).


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