The Important Qualities of a Servant Leader

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Servant leadership requires that those involved in leadership practice shared responsibility for a common future. In the real world, effective leadership requires one to be informed on varied groups of people and the duties and responsibilities that the specified people have. Servant leadership requires an assurance to problem solving in the public, with development on political and cultural capability being the hallmarks of leadership, alongside engagement in global issues (Antonakis et al., 2011).

Servant leadership requires that a leader is guided by a mission, which leads to mission statement that inspires development and recognition of leadership in the entire society. A mission for leadership requires that awareness is created in the society about leadership opportunities for the community members who would engage in the development of their community. A mission statement for servant leadership ought to form a cross- disciplinary community of leadership scholars who would focus on diverse talents and strengths of the every individual who is involved (Blanchard, 2003). Romans 12:2 remind people on how servant leadership ought to be carried out by carrying out the will of God.

According to the biblical teaching, servant leadership should be guided by certain principles in life that revolve around the context of the core values. Servant leadership focuses on what people values and believe as well as in making a positive difference in the lives of the servants (Fu, & Liu, 2009).

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People believe in certain core values such as respect, integrity, authenticity, and humility of their leaders. It is significant for servant leaders to be authentic in whatever they carry out in the community as transparency in their ways of leadership creates a purposeful life and results in the growth of the community members. Servant leadership requires that the leaders show great interest in offering service to the people with no self interest but for a greater cause (The Holy Bible, 1986).

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