Biblical Servant Leadership

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Jesus set a great model to us. Yet He is the master, the greatest?he has the power and the ability to stand on top of the crowd but He Is also the least and the lowest to be able to wash the feet to human beings. I think the most challenged but precious part is the second one especially if you are a leader. That's why called "Servant" leader. Yet serving others can be tough; expending energies and time in the interest of others can be exhausting. I believe as a Christian we all experience that spent lots of time accompany with non-believers but then captioned later on or felt being used.

Yet we felt hurt and trust me, I DO. However, every time when I look through what Jesus had suffered, the betrayal, I know there Is nothing to compare and I also be comforted from Him knowing He Is taking in charge; thereby, I become more mature slowly by slowly. I do believe the more you emulate from Him, the more you know how to be a real leader who stand firmly in this spiritual and secular world. Does one leadership model appeal to you more than the others? If yes, why? Yes.

In y point of view, Richard Arden gives the most understandable and the easiest concept when we talk about how to be a servant leader. The whole point of being a servant leader is that you know God is the Lord. In other words, He is the first of the first. If there Is not God involves in then there will be just talking about the secular leadership. Therefore, God holds all the authority not a person (leader) who has this right from his own. Secondly, as a servant leader you must know you are the chosen partner from God to lead a group of people or a task to fulfill God's own wills.

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Therefore, leadership Is a partnership between the leader and God the almighty. Thirdly, Jesus has given the best example of being the first is being the last. He is the first, the almighty and the only one without the sin but bore the mocks from sinners and crucified for the rest. Another example, He, the first, had washed the feet for the followers as a servant (the least) with a humble heart. The real leader is not the one who can only be on top but often the one who humble himself to do the lowliest thing In the group.

Fourthly, leadership Is a fullness of concept and action. A servant leader must do and think It completely from Inside out. You cannot hide the arrogance in your heart and do all the good things to others and say you are the loyal servant of God. There is no hidden thought that can't be seen from our Lord. Fifthly, leadership is the spiritual gift from God because not anyone can be given this empowerment. Therefore, the great power comes the great responsibility. At last, a true servant leader should be clear that all the followers who be authorized to lead

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