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The Importance of School, Article

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Give a word that best describes the persona. Curious.

Name something that ‘flash about’ in the poem. Lightning(stanza 4)

From the poem, we can conclude that the persona wants to know How nature works. How does the persona feel about his father not answering his questions? The persona is confused and puzzled as to why her father refuses to answer her questions.

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Who do you think the persona in the poem is? Explain why you think so? He must be a little child because he is very inquisitive. He also does not understand many simple things. He is very innocent. Who is the persona in the poem? A child. Based on the poem, what element of Nature can be felt but can never be seen? Wind. What is the poem about? Wonders of Nature. Which word in the poem shows that the persona has a lot of questions to ask? And.

The phrase ‘blow out’ refers to The star. The use of wh-questions shows that The persona wants to know more about the wonders of nature. The persona in the poem is very observant. The phrase’ where can the missing bit be found’ describes The moon. Why is the persona disappointed?

His questions are not answered. Give an expression that tells us that the shape of the moon changes from time to Time not quite round. The phrase ‘the lightning flash about’ appeals to the sense of sight. The title ‘I wonder’ reflects the persona’s curiosity. What does the word ‘fluffy’ mean? Feathery. Give one word that describes the persona. Curious. What does the persona find puzzling about the birds? How birds know how to build their nest. In the first stanza, what does the word ‘wonder’ indicate? Curiosity.

What does the phrase ‘if he knows’ in the last stanza tell about the persona? Tells us that the persona thinks his father may not know how nature works. Who is the persona in the poem? A young child. Explain in your own words, what you understand by the last 2 lines. The child is disappointed that her father does not know how to answer her questions on nature. Which phrase in the extract shows that the persona is inquisitive about nature? ‘I wonder why’. Explain in your own words the phrase ‘the trees to take a rest’ The trees have stopped growing.

What is missing according to persona? A part of the moon. From the extract, which element in the sky is colourful? Rainbow. What does the phrase fluffy clouds mean? The clouds are life soft cotton floating in the sky. Which element in the extract is described as cannot be seen but can be felt? Wind. How would you feel if your questions are not answered? I would be disappointed. What would you do to get the answers to the questions? I would surf the internet to get the answers. What is the poem about? It is about the wonders and mysteries of nature.

Do you think the boy’s father knows the answer to his questions? No, he doesn’t. Quote a line/ two lines to support your answer ‘Why is it now, do you suppose, that Dad won’t tell me, if he knows? ’ When do we see the rainbow in the sky? After the rain. The ‘fluffy clouds’ indicate that the sky is Bright. Mohana Ram Murugiah Page 1 englishvibes. blogspot. com. Birds usually have their habitats in trees. The main theme of the poem is elements in nature can be puzzling. The persona in the poem is most probably a child. Mohana Ram Murugiah Page 2 englishvibes. blogspot. com

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