Importance of Communication in Online Classes: Article Summary

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UNV-501: ARTICLE SUMMARY Read-only participants: a case for student communication in online classes Lavelle Figueroa Grand Canyon University Title: UNV-5: Article Summary This is a summary of the article titled “Read-only participants: a case for student communication in online classes” argues that the value of communication in online modules and the purpose of the success a scholar experiences when they pass an online module.

The main purpose of this article is find explanations, to some interests mentioned beforehand, the researchers conducted an eight week analysis of scholars of an online module. This analysis integrated the following strategy to observe online communication and classroom activity amongst scholar’s cultural diversity, geographical location and maturity both are the most important primary causal dynamics. Furthermore, the substantial data gathered by Nagel et al (2009) in their research describe the potential consequences of success and failures were documented.

Therefore, a successful completion of a online module they concluded the following: foremost, modules that had discussion forums allows a scholarly proactive interaction with fellow scholars and the professor. Subsequently, this type of module facilitates and /or enriches the online learning environment of the scholars by generating queries and replies (e. g. , in the form of posts, assignments, etc) of high critical thinking skills.

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Furthermore, the third aspect we must consider when improving communication on our online module forums to enhance the online environment is creating rapport as well as wholesome interaction. Last but not least important of all, is the supportive and wholesome interaction with the instructor that is enhanced within the online environment provided substantial responses to the inquiries formulated by the instructor and fellow scholars with substantive answers. Finally, the lack of communication within the online module experience will result in serious repercussions, toward successful completion of the module.

Last but not least important, the researchers also concluded that a scholar does not successfully achieve their goal; of completing their module due to the lack of communication amongst both scholars and the instructor greatly impact our overall performance. The aim of this article is the responsibility of proactive communication and rapport within the online module environment like described in the article written by Nagel et al (2009) titled “read-only student”.

This kind of learner decides no proactively contribute to the online modules (e. g. discussion forums, teamwork, individual assignments as well as quizzes). For instance, this type of learner, only borrows the almost the same point of view of their fellow scholars and instructor without quoting their respective responses or reactions or restraining their responses. Finally, the causal elements of this unhealthy attitude are “procrastination, isolation, and/or unfamiliarity with technology” (Nagel et al. 2009). Briefly this research has concluded that proactive communication is a crucial element to successfully complete an online module. As a result, not participating proactively on the online module makes them read-only scholars. Bibliography Nagel, L. L. , Blignaut, A. S. , & Cronje, J. C. (2009). Read-only participants: a case for student communication in online classes. Interactive Learning Environments, 17(1), 37-51. doi:10. 1080/10494820701501028

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