The Hunger Games-Lessons Learned

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The Hunger Games was about the importance of keeping your identity when you are fighting for your life. This theme made me question myself on what I would do under the same circumstances. Wicked I fight for my life given the situation? Wicked I do whatever it takes to stay alive even if it meant committing murder? Wicked I be able to keep my self-worth and morals during this, or would I Just lose myself along the way?

PETA Mallard and Catkins Evergreen both had to make these hard-hitting decisions hen they were forced to compete in the reality TV show The Hunger Games, where there is only one rule: kill or be killed. PETA and Catkins are both from District 12 where they are exposed to starvation, war, violence and poverty. Panel is divided up into 12 districts where they are ruled under the Capitol. The Capitol is where all of the powerful and wealthy live, enforcing harsh laws to the 12 districts.

Because of this society, they have been conditioned to know that no matter what you are doing you still need to maintain your pride. PETA however, is different. Past competitors have done anything in their power to stay alive, but PETA believes that when he dies he shall still have his dignity with him. "l could think of a way to show the Capitol they don't own me. That I'm more than Just a piece in their games. " This quote by PETA shows that while others around him will do anything to survive, he will still think straight and die as himself.

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Throughout the book, Catkins is constantly struggling to find herself. "I'm not really sure who I am, what my identity is. This idea scares me some. " Catkins doesn't get attached to people easily, she is hot tempered, feisty and independent. The result of Catkins' quest to find herself, was her recognizing her hatred for the Capitol. When her ally Rue was killed, she covered her body in flowers and sung to her. This was considered an act of rebellion, because although she was doing what she thought was right, she was only going against the Capitol's ways.

Also, at the end of the games, PETA and Catkins refused to kill each other by faking a bubble suicide attempt. They both wanted to live and die as themselves and preserved their dignity, even when others cracked under the pressure. In The Hunger Games, Catkins and PETA stood up for what they believed in. Instead of Just acknowledging the injustice they were faced with, they started a rebellion by doing what they thought was the correct thing. This book taught me to stay true to who you are no matter how drastic the situation, and to fight for my values and morals.

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