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Lessons Learned from a Car Accident

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I was in a fantastic mood that morning, my fantasy football team won, my school was taking us on a trip to the 9/11 memorial museum, therefore was missing most of it

that day.

As I was starting up my 2003 olive green Toyota Corolla, my late grandfather's car, I received a text from a peer who needed a ride to school. "Dang". I said to myself, I liked riding solo and jamming out to my tunes, but sympathized and said yes.

We were "cruising" 60 miles per hour in a 55 zone in the left lane on the local highway "bumping" to a new Drake song. Suddenly, I was blindsided. It was straight out of a scene from Fast and Furious. A monster GMC Terrain in front of me plowed through a tiny Ford Focus. I panicked, seeing my life flashing by, in a split-second, I slammed on the rusty brakes. Unfortunately, I started skidding closer to the GMC, praying my car would stop. There was not enough time, boy was I scared, I braced for impact and booom! My car squeezed under the GMC. I heard a shatter. The windshield cracked and bang! The airbag punched me right in the chest as if I had just got Knocked out from a jab by Rocky Balboa.

My whole world turned on a swivel. With natural instinct, I look at my friend, he

was crying from shock, fear, and pain, but exited the car on his own. With the adrenaline pumping through my body I felt zero pain. My car was fuming, I ran out of the car with my friend and stepped far from it. A wreck, I was hysterically crying like the day I lost my grandfather. I wanted to punch the GMC driver in the face, the moron should have looked up and seen the cars in front of him stopping. Nothing could calm me

down, I was in shambles wishing this was a dream, waking up and everything would be

normal again.

I called my mother, she came before the police arrived. Short of breath, I gave my report to the police thinking he would say, It was not your fault, but he had different plans. "You were driving too close to the GMC". The officer claimed. I would need to pay the damage for the back of the GMC. I was ticked off, I yelled at the officer. "Are you kidding me?" I guess it was the adrenaline, at that moment, even Hulk Hogan could not intimidate me. The officer told me to stand back. My mother had to calm me down, and

we left the scene.

Till this day, I never trusted myself confidently operating a vehicle again. I totaled the car my family cherished as It was my Grandfather's baby. I realized I was lucky to be safe that day. The car did its job protecting me. Many things could have gone wrong,

I could have been dead, remember life is precious, moreover, take the positives from negative experiences.

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