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The Handphone Influences People’s Behaviour

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The handphone influences people’s behaviour Behaviour is not be formed by a thing constantly, but it is formed by many things continously. Because, everything what people saw, listened, and said forms his behaviour. One of them is one of media of communication, which is called handphone. Hand phone is one of the tool of communication between a person with others. Today, it is used by both adult or child, rich or poor, and because of necessery or style in our society. But, their behaviour is influenced unconsious by using it. The phone gives the big role to influence people’s behavior.

First, it neglects the user. Usually it is happened in the users who can not control their self such as the students. For examples, when the teacher is teaching in the class they are busy by playing the game or texting a message to their friends. They are serious in their doing, sometimes they are laught and smile by theirself. Moreover, the the teacher does not give the rule or punishment for them. So, they will get nothing in the class. Besides, if the parents do not control, they also do not study or do homework. Second, disturbs the childen’s development or maturity.

Because, there are many things in the phone. Such as camera, games, pictures, and others. Which changes the student’s attention and concentretion, both in the class or in the home. Moreover, it gives dishonest way. Exmple, in the examination they should cheat with others by sending message or searching the material about etc. In addition, by using handphone lets the students to send or receive everything is not good and educated. So, if we let them to use it free without controling, they will be the educated of technology, but not educated of knowledge or attitude.

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Third, it contibutes the people to be arrogant. Because, everyperson is different personality. Basicly, the phone is used for communication with others. But, some person are use it not only for communication but also for style. As we know, today are many merks and types of phone. Such as BlackBerry, Android, Nokia, Samsung etc. Some of us compete to buy the more expensive, exis and newer. Sometimes, they more emphasize to buy the new phone than other things. Example, the students able to buy the new phone, but do not able to buy the book.

This is very bad to their maturity, which compete in the extravagance. Overall, the phone gives many good function for us. There are to communicate with others, save the things as a memorial, share information etc. But, we have to release that phone is same as another technology also has the negative effects should influence the people behaviour. Forthat, we have to be wise in using it, control and tell our family, student and society the positive and negative effects. Because the phone influence the people’s behaviour.

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