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Influences That Affect Children and Young People’s Development

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201 2. 1abc Describe with examples the kinds of influences that affect children and young people’s development including: Background – depending on the child’s background we can assume that they will generally either do well in class or suffer consequently with poorer work in class. For example if a child has poor up bringer such as no help with their work, parents not encouraging them, suffer from poorer quality of life etc, then this will then lead the child to not do well in school and suffer with many of their lessons.

Health – if a child is health and suffers from no major illness then this child will then do will in their lessons. Whereas if a child has poor health and does suffer from a major illness then they will do poor in their lessons. For example if a child with a major illness like cancer then the child is likely to miss a huge amount of school time because they will have to keep going to the hospital, so this means that they will miss out on many lessons and will fall behind in their work.

Environment – a child’s environment will depend upon the quality of their school and their home life. If they have nice family life and a nice school then this means that they will do better at school because they have all the necessary items that would be needed to help them with their education. If a child has a poor home life factors like encouraging parents who offer no educational support then this means that they may not do well in school because of having no one to encourage them with their work that they have been doing.

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