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The Evolution of Democracy from Jefferson to Jackson

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Jeffersonian Democracy Jackson Democracy political He believed men should meet He believed that all white men To what extent was universal property requirements to have should be able to vote. White manhood suffrage suffrage. Achieved? What citizens were considered The elite should be the only Jackson believed that eligible for office holding? Ones ruling. Everyone should be able to rule. Believed in a rotation for offices. How were candidates for Groups of the elite class Nominating conventions made president chosen?

Gathered to nominate nominations. Candidates. Economic

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Saw the yeoman farmer as the Saw farmers and laborers as In what way did Jackson chosen class. The chosen class. Expand the concept of the "chosen class" How did each man view Thought that industrialization Recognized that it was industrialized? Would lead to a too powerful essential to the economy. Government. How did each the Charles Corporate charters were given Anyone willing to risk starting River Bridge vs.. Warren to powerful, ruling, elite. A business should be able to Bridge decisions affect the Often made a monopoly. Get a charter. Monopolies are access to corporate charters unconstitutional. Reverent in Jefferson time? What was each man's attitude Believed that the bank was Thought the bank was toward the Bank of the United giving too much power to the unconstitutional and creating States? Elite. An unequal playing field in favor of the elite. Social Thought that slavery was evil He was not interested in What was each man's attitude but was not ready to give his freeing slaves. Towards slavery? Own up. What was each man's attitude Did not see them as equals, Same, but actually toward equality for women favored Indian Removal. Implemented Native ND Native Americans?

The Evolution of Democracy from Jefferson to Jackson essay

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