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The employee selection process should be very fast and efficient so that the organization gets the new employees working to its benefit very quickly. The current process at our organization is not very fast. It takes a long period of time to bring the new people in. After the ad for the job in the newspapers, we have to wait for the availability of the applicants for the test and interview. The human resource department then needs some time to check the tests and evaluate the interview performance of the candidates after the interview date.

This adds a good amount to the overall time for the process execution. So the overall time that the human resource department has to spend for this employee hiring process is quite large which affects the overall performance of our organization that costs our organization. Low Performance The persons involved in employee selection process cannot perform better as they are involved in employee selection activities. Their low performance decreases the throughput of organization that cost our organization in the form of low income. Revised Selection Process

Cost of current employee selection system forced our organization to revise employee selection system in order to reduce cost of selection process. In this regard our organization took some decisions. 1. Decided to introduce new step in employee selection process named screening. 2. Decided to outsource the final step of selection process named reference checking. 3. Decided to get help form some external company that specialist in HRM. Screening The time of screening is before the candidate is on your door step. In screening process applications and CVs of candidates are reviewed.

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The candidates who disqualify any job requirement like experience required, Qualification and skills required for job, are screened out. The screened out candidates are not called for tests and interviews. New screening process will decrease the cost of employee selection process. TA & DA will be reduced as less number of candidates will be called for test and interview. Screening process can also reduce the resources required to conduct the test and interview because less number of candidates will be called for test and interview.

Outsourcing In outsourcing our organization will assign the job of reference checking to some other company that does this job for organizations. In this way time of our organization will be saved as the persons of our organization will not involve in reference checking. Therefore performance, throughput and income of organization in increased. Specialist Help Now a day there are many companies that are specialist in HRM and provide help to other organization in this regard. Our organization decided to take help form a company like this.

The helping company will provide resources and persons for conducting tests and interviews on payment. In this way less persons of our organization will involve in selection activities. Therefore performance of our company will no down. ROI of Revised Selection system By using new selection system the investment of our organization on selection process will be small and reduced while return in the form of performance will be increased. Implementation Process Resources and people required to implement new selection process are discussed below.

Resources No extra resources are required. Only some investment for training of screening process is required. People No extra people are required to implement new selection process. The only need is to train the people of organization for screening process.


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