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The aim of this study is to analyze the Digipoint organization as it relates to organization behavior. This study high lights various situations coming out of the company and examines them in the view of organization behavior (OB). In order to accomplish the purpose of this study, the writer analyzed the company and identified the OB issues. The writer also uses various texts and journals in order to gain a proper grounding for an accurate assessment of the case. Additionally, this study will include an overview of organization behavior to show the knowledge of the topic.

Its concepts and theories will be introduced in the over view. Company Background For this study the company Digipoint Company Limited will be used to determine organisational behaviour and its effects. A brief history of the company will now be done. Digipoint Company Limited is a Digicel franchise holder that has been in existence for approximately five years. Its business is located in East Trinidad. Rational The question of why this company is chosen can be justified by acknowledging that the customer service industry deals with a heavy reliance of people management.

How does Digipoint labor force reacts to managers have always been a key issue. As the manager, employees have always shown major and minor disapproval over the years at all levels. The problems of discontentment have amounted to the motivational tactics used over the years to enhance employee productivity, what cause the problem can be categorized as poor management style leadership category. Motivation at Digipoint have not made employ motivation a key factor that will affect productivity of customer service, this lack of concern has caused a high rate for employee turnover over the years.

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When the motivation tactics was finally employed, the leader of the organization had to deal with a wide gap that was created by past poor management practices over the years. Overview Organisational Behaviour studies key factors that influence the behaviour of people within the work environment. It’s easy to link the concepts of management and organisational behaviour while it’s monotonous to understand the two factors independent of each other.

Organisational behaviour mainly measures the behavioural approach and what influences the approach. The management structure uses the knowledge gained from analysis of the behavioural approach to develop a highly efficient company. It’s also important to point out how the management concepts that help influence the organisational behaviour, for example the human resource management department and by extension the performance management can have a direct influence on how the labour staff applies them self to working productive

According to Michael Armstrong (1994) performance management is designed to improve organisational, team and individual performance and which is owned and driven by line managers. Another management concept that can greatly affect the company performance by organisational behaviour is the marketing sector. If the front line if the sales receptionist is not kind and courteous the entire team effort from manufacturing to finish have gone in vain.

In today’s dynamic environment where personalities are strong and expectations are increasingly high the concept of organisational behaviour together with the internal and external factors that influence behaviours. According to the Mullins the study of organisations embraces therefore and understanding of The behaviour or people , the process of management, the organisational context in which the process of management takes place , organisational process and the execution of work and interaction with the external environment of which the organisation is part.

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