The Development of Popular Music

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Over the years we have experienced vast changes In popular music (Pop) from the says of asses rock and roll were we experienced bands like the Battles at the fore front of Pop music to Synch Pop and more recently Indies Rock however now in 2011 we can see that this has also changed because the charts are dominated by big Synch Pop Dance tracks taking influence from ass's ass's dance and putting a new drum and bass twist and performed in much more daring ways from the likes of Lady Gaga and Beyond who have constantly began to push the boundaries In the Imagery and sound and music which Is seen as "pop" but even In the ass's or early cays would have never been taken to in the way it has now which is a representation of how quickly Music is evolving each year. Pop music is a genre that has revolutionized the music industry, bringing in a huge new audience and creating many new sub genres and marketing schemes.

This essay will focus on how these schemes and Ideas came to be through the ages, coming from Elvis Presley all the way to bands such as Blue and S-Club 7. 1950 We will begin right where it all began, the flies. The birthplace of pop music, at this time, pop was unheard of, many artists were more focused on Rock and Roll and soul. The term 'Pop Music' came from the word 'popular'. Pop music in the ass's was very bland, and very heavily influenced by rock. A prime example of this, was Elvis Presley, who emerged In 1956 as one of the worlds first authentic aristocrats. He was soon after named the 'king of rock and roll' and Is now one of the biggest selling artists In history.

Many of the worlds most famous artists were discovered during this period. John Lennox had met Paul McCarty in march 1957 and formed The Quarrymen, but before they were formed, McCarty met Lennox in July 1 957 and then agreed to Join the group. Staying in 1957, the Quarrymen then performed their first public performance, which did not go successfully which then failed to Impress their promoter Carroll Levis. The sass's were also responsible for the formation and birth of the Battles. The 4 members of the group, John Lennox, Ring Starr, Paul McCarty and George Harrison would soon become the most iconic and successful band/group in music history. However, most of the lyrics were written by Lennox and McCarty.

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The Battles would then go on to dominate the ass's and ass's. The ass's were not Just famous for having iconic musicians, it was also famous for creating them too, this is due to the fact that both Michael Jackson and Madonna were both born In the ass's. Jackson In 1958 and Madonna also and his 'sexual actions'. 1960 Before you knew it, the ass's came around, Pop became more revolved around a more alternative style rather than rock and roll. On top of that, they came filled with the small bands that then made it huge, The Battles, Rolling Stones, etc. Despite all of these young talents, Elvis was still dominating the charts and the pop/rock scene, along with artists such as Dan and the Juniors etc.

A notable change in the ass's is the fact that Pete Best Joined the Battles on the 12th August 1960 which then saw them leave on a 48 day tour of Hamburg. We also saw that Pop music was becoming more 'mainstream' with the discovery of Patsy Cline. Cline was special because she was the first female singer that was able to adapt to the change in pop and still become successful. The thing with these early stages is that there were not that many female artists. Most likely due to he issue with equal rights. Another notable moment in the ass's was the birth of Zigzag Marble who would go on to win 4 Grammas and lead the band Zigzag Marble and the Melody Makers.

There was a massive change to the audiences that music was being sold to during the ass's, mainly uh to the rise of the hippie movement, where music festivals were the prime source of promotion and fame. Society became obsessed with festivals and live music, and also used music to protest. Despite this huge increase in live music, the Battles were still heavily popular amongst not only live performances, but also vinyl. The Battles became a craze, a lifestyle, with 11 of their 12 studio albums up to 1970 hitting number 1 in the I-J charts. The Battles were the equivalent of banned One Direction in the modern day, except the Battles actually had talent. The Battles had o go and promote abroad, so on the 7th February 1964, The Battles left the I-J headed for America, and estimated 4000 fans gathered at Heathers airport to watch them leave.

Even in the sixties, there were crazy fantails, so many in fact that authorities had to use high pressure water hoses to keep them from mauling the group. Whilst in America, the band's new single 'I want to hold your hand' sold 2. 6 million copies in 2 weeks. This was, at the time, unheard of. Whilst in America, the boys were asked to appear on the De Sullivan show, a popular American talk show, very popular considering 74 million Americans watched the show, 40% of the American population. Overall, the sixties were influenced mainly by alternative rock, and were heavily focused around the Battles, there was competition however with the Rolling Stones slowly rising up. Society in the sixties had never seen fame like this, so nobody really knew how to handle it, this really was 'popular' music. 970 The seventies was really the decade where most genres really carved themselves a place in the music world, the seventies also saw the birth of hip-hop, which would soon become incredibly popular. The seventies were a golden era for buying vinyl records, they were very affordable Eng had a ass's sample in it. Music began to change, t became more vinyl heavy rather than live performances and gigs, Woodstock has deflated due to drug and riot issues, this also resulted in the hippie movement dying down. Many legendary festivals were cancelled. Among the many popular and rising artists of the seventies, the most notable were of course, Elton John and the Jackson 5. The seventies were a time of confusion and heavy change, examples such as Diana Ross leaving the Supremes for a solo shot.

However, the ass's marked the end of an era, The Battles depleted due to internal conflicts. They all went their separate ways to pursue solo albums, but the legacy the Battles left behind, the impact they had on pop/ rock, it would never be the same. In 1975, the popularity of disco and hip hop later spread to make pop more popular. Crowds became bigger, records sold like wildfire and concerts were being sold out every day. Disco was becoming extremely popular gradually throughout the seventies, up until it was stopped by accusations regarding heavy commercialism's. Furthermore, MET were releasing a ton of music videos as a new form of promotion.

In terms of technology in studios and in recording, stereo tracks and multi layering came more sophisticated, studios could now record in 4 track instead of mono. This made recording and producing so much easier for labels, and also meant that labels could release music much quicker and easier. The ass's was mainly focused on a sort of disco pop style that was combined with rock. Elton John really improved the state of pop as he intertwined it with rock, Elton John's music could range from slow ballads to full out rock. Lastly, the band Pink Floyd were becoming very popular amongst the underground scene, with Roger Waters becoming the bands primary lyricist.

By the mid ass's, their nominate songwriter devised the concepts behind their critically and commercially successful albums. In conclusion, the ass's were responsible for the Jackson 5, Elton John and Pink Floyd, but were also responsible for the loss and break up of The Battles. 1980 The ass's was the decade of greed and economic inflation and for encouraging the entrepreneur. The most notable change to music was that vinyl was to be replaced with Cad's, there was also the fact that hip hop, rap and techno pop were all starting to emerge and become a significant force in the music industry. Music began to move room punk, to new wave, to new romantic to then finish on stadium rock and pop.

The ass's were also responsible for commercialese music garbage, with MET being launched in 1981, MET would soon have a massive impact on how music would be sold and promoted, and also be responsible for changing the image of pop stars and getting the inside scoop on things nobody really cares about, and to elaborate on that, many TV producers and manufacturers were using hit songs and attractive performers to manipulate buying into purchasing products. MET was named 'illustrated radio' and it basically was accused of proportioning image over music. Daryl Hall stated that the visual has begun to overpower the music. ' However, the ironic when revenues dropped 10%. During the ass's there was an increase in dance clubs everywhere, people were so memorized by the different styles. Despite all of the efforts to promote music using image, Madonna would still always be the superior image. The ass's was a time of one of the biggest charity events, Lived.

In 1985, Bob Gelded created a live event to help starving people in Africa, the broadcast was viewed by an estimated 1 billion people. Many incredible artists came out of this period, such as 132, Sting and Elvis Costello. Pop music developed further with artists like Prince, who, to this date, has sold over 80 million albums. 1990 The ass's were more of a tie for alternative rock but songs such as 'my heart will go on' which was first performed in the movie 'Titanic' became increasingly popular. The main focus for the ass's is of course, the king of pop, Michael Jackson. Jackson's contribution and success to music and dance has made him a global and iconic figure in popular music culture for the last 4 decades. T is believed that MS has sold an estimated 750 million albums with his hit single 'Thriller' selling 109 million popes. MS went on to win 13 Grammas and 26 American Music Awards. Michael Jackson was not Just iconic as a musician, but also as a person, donating most if not all of his money to charity and setting up many charitable organizations, his most famous being the 'Heal the World' foundation. In 1996, MI's history tour was a complete sellout and to cover the cost, MS wrote a queue to himself to cover the cost The sass's were an iconic era, filled with inspirational artists from all genres, however, for pop, there was only M]. The king of pop.

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