The Connotation of Crime

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Ideally and traditional, the connotation of crime for the society is that it is an illegal act deliberately perpetuated by a single entity for personal interest. This illegal act is considered an illegal violation because it actually compromise and even undermined other entity’s rights and personal affairs for the sake of pursuing personal benefits and interest. Commonly, the entity who perpetuated the act categorized as a crime is a single individual however, present situations and cases have also included the entity characteristic of a company of a business enterprise as possible perpetuator of crime and other act of legal violation.

The concept of regarding business entity or companies as criminal individuals is mainly because the present legal system of the society do view the said organizations as units or separate existence to their owners thus they are held reliable for their own actions and violations. However, one may argue that entities such as business companies are unit who cannot think and act for themselves and that are merely concepts of legal and economic purpose. On the contrary to this idea, companies such as corporations and enterprises are regarded by the legal and social sector as unit with their own existence because the actually embody their own purpose and function.

In legal terms, companies that are considered as an entity are actually units that are mainly comprised of the people that belong on it. However, the control and the main interest of the companies is mainly being decided on its board of executives thus they serve as the main component of the company. The company’s action thus becomes a manifestation of the will and interest of its collective executive board. Because of the said idea, connoting the company as a whole as an entity liable for its criminal actions is actually a collective indictment of the whole governing body of the said unit mainly its executive committee.

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By considering the recent cases of criminal violations perpetuated by a company, its common nature explicitly manifests as a felony since the said entity’s crimes are often multiple and connected. Since the actions of an economic company is generally complicated, acting out and perpetuating a single crime would also mean violating other aspect. Because of which, crimes done by a company becomes generally complicated in nature resulting to committing others in their way achieving their main interest.

Companies thus can be regarded as criminal entities as entailed in the legal perspective of the contemporary society. The actions and interest of the companies are generally collective manifestation of their executive and owner's will and thus becomes criminally plausible in nature. Since the legal and economic aspects of the society do consider companies as separate entities then they themselves must also become liable and accountable for their actions and criminal violations.


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