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The Coming of the New Organization

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In the Article, “Coming of the New Organization” by Peter Drucker, there was a prophecy about the emergence of a new way of professional interaction that would be caused by enhancement in data processing. According to him, this would transform the face of all information based companies. He further gave his transformation would result in the transfer of information across all borders and information dissemination would become faster and easier. If we are to go by Drucker’s prophecy, this transformation would have both positive and negative impact on 21st century companies.

As he pointed out, managers who are merely fulfilling the role of “relaying” information would be blotted out of the organization because the invention of powerful new programs called spreadsheets and advances in telecommunications would make them obsolete” (Gabberty, 2005). Making an assessment of my own profession from the light of Drucker’s proposition, I believe the transformation of the computer technology and telecommunications has helped and would help the Human Resource departments in doing their jobs more effectively.

Apart from this, “information-based organization requires far more specialists who are found in operations” (Domingo, 2001). This makes the role of the human resource strategic even in this transformation. Consequently, the duty of the human resource departments of these companies would be to restructure the company in such a way that information flows freely. Human resource departments would also be responsible for doing away with those employees that have become organizational loafers as a result of the fact that their presence in the company would be duplication.

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The Coming of the New Organization

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Reference: • Domingo, R. (2001): Summary of: “The Coming of the New Organization” by Peter F. Drucker. Retrieved from http://www. cis. ysu. edu/~rjohn/lectures2/week02/The_Coming_of_the_New_Organization. PDF on November 13, 2008 • Gabberty, J. (2005). Reflections on Drucker's Coming of the New Organization. Retrieved from http://t05. cgpublisher. com/proposals/176/index_html on November 13, 2008

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