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Darkness Is Coming, for Me, and You…

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    Chapter One: Sunday, October 20th, 1998

    In the small town of Bloomberg's, 16 year old Caddis lived on Sunstroke. Suspicious and mysterious things were always going on in Bloomberg's. For example, Caddie's school, Crucified Hall, there are rumors going on there like: eerie echoes, flickering lights, dark shadows, and, believe it or not, some of the students told the principal that, well... They saw ghosts! They say the ghosts walk the halls, moaning, and haunting... But at night it's even freakier.

    Imagine going to a school, no lights, no one there, you hear eerie noises, the lights flicker where ever you go, then, you start engine dark and shadowy shadows. Freaky huh? Who would ever want to do that? Especially at night time? Well, guess what? This Just described Caddis perfectly! She always risks it. Let me tell you about Caddis. Her favorite color is neon green, she says it's soothing and it calms her. Her favorite cereal is Cheerios she will eat them every single breakfast if she could! She loves bunnies, "They're fluffy and their nose is adorable when it twitches! " She exclaimed.

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    She's shy but has lots of friends, and of course enemies! Who doesn't have enemies, right? Her friends were at a sleepover once with Caddis and wanted to play truth or dare, one of the girls named Lea gasped and said, "Guys! Did you see that? " They looked around, not realizing Lea was Joking but then Koala spoke in a quivering voice, "Oh my gosh, guys I saw it, I'm scared. " Then the other girls, except Caddis got freaked out, some not too scared not too calm, others were freaking out, Caddis was the only one not freaked out, and said "Guys, this happened last time, Lea always Just tries to spook us out! The girls then felt a cold chill up and down their spine. "Guys... Did you feel that too!! " Gig asked, reeking out more, pulling a blanket over her head. "It might have Just been our minds playing tricks on us. " Caddis announced to the shivering girls under their blankets. There was a big bang somewhere in the room, Lea reached for her flashlight, grabbed it and turned it on. She turned it this way and that way looking all over the room under her blanket. The other girls peaked from under their blankets while Caddis sat next to Lea inspecting the room with the flashlight. See guys, it's nothing! " They all let a bunch of air out like they were holding their breath. "Um, Caddis, do you think you can turn on the light... Yeastiness asked. Caddis took the flashlight, got up and saw the light switch across the room. She took a deep breath, held her breath and started walking toward the light switch, kind of scared. All the girls screamed when she turned off the flashlight, but in a flick of 5 seconds, the light switch was on. They all let out a bunch of air again, relieved. "Thanks so much, Caddis! What would we do without you? " Gig thanked and asked. Eh, I'm not sure, probably sit in the darkness all night waiting for someone to walk in, but then you'd all scream. " Caddis giggled. Then everyone giggled. What a sleepover!

    Chapter 2: Monday, October 21st, 1998

    She plopped her hand on the alarm clock for it to stop. She got up and rubbed her eyes, when she opened them she saw a girl sitting at her window sill, but in a blink of an eye she was gone. "Ham, Oh well. " Caddis said. She rushed downstairs starving, and saw her mom making waffles, bacon, eggs, and saw a cup of milk on the table. Caddis sat at the table and took a sip of her milk. Goodling Cat, who'd you sleep? " Caddie's mom always called her Cat as her nickname. "Great, thanks for the breakfast. " Caddie's mom smiled, a sign of saying yourself and placed Caddie's restart in front of Caddis on the table. Caddie's mom then put her plate of breakfast across from Caddie's plate on the table. She sat down and started eating like Caddis was. There was a long silence and then Caddis spoke, "Mom... Do we have any visitors? Like... In the house? Maybe looking around the house? " Caddie's mom sat there thinking. "No sweets, I don't think so... Why did you ask? Caddie's mom asked Caddis, worried. "Oh um no reason... " Caddis told her, trying to calm her. Caddis finished breakfast and went up to her room when she heard a girl's laughter. It was spooky like the laughter was laughing at Caddis as her pants fell down. Caddis looked around and saw nothing, she shrugged and continued up the stairs. She went into her room and got dressed for school. The usual Scares, a t-shirt, a light jacket, and sneakers. She brushed through her brown curly hair. She fixed her hair, grabbed her backpack and went downstairs. "Bye mom, I'm walking, I know you have to work and I hate the bus. Caddis told her mom. "k honey, see you later, have fun! " Caddie's mom said. Caddis walked, head down watching where she steps and saw her school ahead. As she walked into the school she realized she was late. Everyone was already in their classroom learning, while she was just arriving. She walked through the halls looking for her classroom. Caddis always gets mixed up with the classrooms. Before she went into her classroom she decided to go to the girl's restroom to wash her face, she was really tired. She swung open the door to the restroom and walked in, the door shutting by itself.

    She put her backpack down next to the sink and turned on the faucet. She put her hands under the water and looked in the mirror about to splash her face but noticed a child in a long white dress that as torn, her hair was a blond mess, her teeth were just starting to get yellow, and she had marks under her eyes. Caddis splashed her face and looked behind her at nothing. The girl was gone and she wasn't in the mirror. Caddie's heart was beating fast. "It was nothing Caddis, Just get to class... " Caddis told herself unsure. She grabbed her backpack and saw two pale feet under a stall.

    The pale feet were bruised and Caddis could tell they were not sitting, actually, it looked like they were standing, maybe peaking an eye in between the cracks in the stall at Caddis? Caddis walked UT of the restroom not very calm and marched to her classroom. She opened her classroom door and walked in but, was she ready to learn? Or ready to figure out what was going on?

    Chapter 3: Monday, October 21st, 1998, Cafeteria

    Caddis and the classes came out of their classrooms talking, laughing and heading all around the school while Caddis and her class headed to the Cafeteria. Caddis grabbed a plate of food and went to sit at a table with her friends, Lea, Gig, Yeastiness, Koala, and Brian or Bri for short. She sat down and picked at her food. "Caddis, why so quiet? " Koala wondered. The other girls looked at Caddis waiting for "k, guys, I keep on seeing this girl. First, when I woke up she was sitting on my window sill, Then I saw her in the restroom, she had a long white dress that was ripped, no shoes, her feet and skin were so pale. She had blond messy hair, and her teeth were Just starting turning yellow. " Caddis explained. The girls looked at the catheter and got scared. W-what if it was a ghost? " Yeastiness asked shaking, no longer hungry for chicken nuggets. The girls sat there, letting everyone else around them fill their silence. "Guys... We can't be serious. There is just no way. Caddis told them. Caddis thought about it. "But what about the girl you saw? " Lea wondered. Caddis again thought harder. "Look guys, she wasn't a ghost, next time I will talk to her... OK? " They started picking at their food. Brittany spoke, "She was a demon... " There it was again, a long silence. Whatever was going on here, Caddis was determined to figure it out.

    Caddis got up and left the Cafeteria, leaving behind all the faces of her friends.

    Chapter 4: Monday, 11:00 P. M, 1998

    Caddis was running, fast, running from a girl in a torn white dress, her hair was blond and a big mess, she was giggling spooky. Caddis went up to a cliff, stopped and turned around, having nowhere to go. The girl came up to her, stopped and giggled crazily at the sight of Caddis could fall any minute. "WHO ARE YOU! " Caddis screamed. The girl smiled, her eye twitching. "All I wanted was to play with you. " The girl said giggling. The girl got closer, while Caddis stretched back farther. I meant a name! " Caddis told the girl. The girl giggled again. "My name is Amine. " The girl answered. Caddis got unbalanced and almost fell off the cliff. "What do you want with me you demon! " The girl stopped smiling, her face transformed into a furious ace. She screamed, "NO NO! YOU SHALL NOT CALL ME THAT! " Narrate pushed Caddis off the cliff, giggling happily. Even though Amine was a demon, she had feelings, feelings that could never be described, maybe she didn't want to be like that. Caddis fell and screamed one last word, "DEMON! " When she hit the ground she woke up terrified from the nightmare.

    Caddis breathed deeply, frightened from the nightmare. "Amine... " She whispered. Once she said that name her window swung open and her curtains flew in the wind coming into her room. Caddie's eyes widened when it happened and her heart was beating vastly. Caddis Jumped up to close her window, when she did there was a shadow behind the curtains. Caddis tried to see behind them without touching them, but she had to touch them, she grabbed it and swung it around looking behind it. There was nothing. She felt a cold breath on her neck. "Hi... Amine. " Caddis whispered.

    Caddis heard moaning, that turned to echo. The next step... Haunting.

    Chapter 5: Tuesday, October 22nd, 1998

    Caddis rushed downstairs again starving, ready to eat. She Just remembered her mom had to go to work early, she left an hour ago. Caddis grabbed a bowl and poured cheerios in her bowl. She grabbed the milk Jug in the fridge and poured it in her bowl of cheerios. She turned around with the milk Jug in her hand, screamed, and dropped the milk on the floor, the milk went all over the floor. Amine, the demon, was holding a bowl of strawberries. "Need strawberries? " Amine asked giggling.

    Caddis looked at the floor and gasped, when she looked up Amine was gone, leaving the strawberries on the counter. Caddis grabbed a rag and cleaned up thought. She took her bowl of cheerios to the table, set it down, and sat in a chair. She ate slowly, feeling like something was watching her... Or someone. Caddis got a chill suddenly up and down her spine and right at the moment that happened, she heard footsteps upstairs. Caddis got up slowly, freaking out, her heart pumping right out of her chest and stepped back against the wall away from the stairs. The footsteps stopped and Caddis heard something breaking.

    She gasped and ran up the stairs. She looked all over the upstairs floor and finally in her room where she saw her room TRASHED! She heard spooky giggling. "What do you want with me, Amine? " Caddis wondered, sobbing. Amine then came out and appeared inferno of Caddis. Amine smiled a little. L want to re-create the picture of my death but... " Amine walked around the room, light on her feet and continued, "The picture will be different, the picture won't have me included. It will have someone else in my spot. " Amine picked up a Jerry box and opened it, she touched a ballerina inside of it and it twirled slowly, dancing to music.

    Amine smiled a bit. "But I didn't kill you. " Caddis argued. Caddis looked at what Amine was doing and stepped back a bit. "Yes but, this house... Your room, well... " Amine said that and stopped trying to find the right words. "WELL? " Caddis started to get impatient. This room used to be my room, and I figured out the girl who pushed me... " Amine told Caddis again stopping. Caddis was starting to get really impatient and stomped her foot. Amine looked at Caddis and smiled, her eye started to twitch again. "Your cousin killed me! She came up to me and Just pushed me! We were the best friends... Amine told her. Caddis thought about what Amine said and repeated the words that Amine said to herself in her head. Caddis spoke, "It was probably an accident, she would never do such a thing... " Somehow Caddis knew which cousin Amine was talking about. Amine was furious. "You don't get it! I need to kill you because then it's a freebie! Your cousin Nicole will be so depressed you're gone, her favorite cousin, she will kill herself to be with you! You're like a sister to her... Besides, you stole my room. " Amine explained. Amine slammed the Jerry box closed, the ballerina snapping and threw it.

    Amine moaned deeply and went through the wall and left a cold gust of wind behind. Caddis knew Amine was gone... For now. She realized the time and gasped. "I'M AN HOUR LATE FOR SCHOOL! " She screeched. Caddis got dressed, a t-shirt, Scares, and sneakers. She brushed through her naughty, curly, brown hair, and axed it up, rushing. She brushed her teeth, grabbed her backpack and ran out the door heading for the school. She was breathing deeply when she arrived. She went into the school and was not ready to learn at all, actually, she needed to figure out what Amine had in mind for Caddis.

    Chapter 6: Tuesday, October 23rd, 1998, Cafeteria

    Caddis stared at the floor and walked slowly to the Cafeteria. She walked in and grabbed a plate of food. She went to sit with her friends. Caddis stared at her food, daydreaming. "Hey, Caddis! " Gig said. Lea snapped her fingers in front of Caddis and Caddis looked up. "Oh... Hey. " Caddis said. The girls looked at the catheter and knew something was wrong with Caddis. "Caddis, hey what's wrong? " Yeastiness asked worriedly. Caddis played with her food and began to sob. "Oh, guys it's terrible! The demon, her name is Amine!

    Does she want to kill me because of my cousin, Nicole, the picture of her death? Oh guys, what do I do! " Caddis sobbed into her napkin. They all stared at Caddis not knowing what to say. "Caddis... ' don't know what to tell you, I'm really sorry... " Lea said feeling bad. "Caddis is there a way to stop her or something? " Brian wondered. Caddis thought about it, she had no idea when Amine would do it. I-I have no idea when Amine will re-create the picture... But I have a plan. Meet me at Broomstick's Park tomorrow after school. " Caddis said that, got up and left the Cafeteria.

    Chapter 7: Wednesday, October 24th, Bloodstain's Park.

    Caddis arrived at Broomstick's Park and was surprised to see a familiar face there. Guess who, Amine... What a surprise. Caddis walked slowly toward her. Amine was looking at her surroundings as she was sitting on a bench. She looked at a few birds, flowers and other children playing. Amine looked up and smiled at Caddis, she waved to Caddis and patted on the bench next to her. Caddis didn't move, she didn't blink, she didn't even breathe. Amine stopped smiling, and 5 seconds later smiled again. She got up and floated to Caddis, grabbed her hand and yanked her to the bench, forcing her to sit down.

    Amine sat down and Caddis sat as far away as possible from Amine. "Awful, isn't it? " Amine said looking around her. Caddis looked down at her feet like she wasn't supposed to hear that. Amine continued, "l used to love this park. It was my favorite place when I was alive. Ah, I remember when I use to hide behind that particular tree and scare the little children. " Amine told Caddis pointing at the tree. Caddis looked up at the tree, it was odd-looking. A dark shade of green and it had no sun anywhere near it. Caddis knew why Amine was so wicked, she was Just as wicked when she was alive. Caddis looked at the trees' surroundings.

    A few dead flowers, dark and dead grass, and most of all, no one ever went near that tree. It always gave you a cold chill up and down your spine, like if you touched it you'd be haunted. Everyone always believed that and it is true because of Amine. "l think I'm ready to know... How did you die? " Caddis wondered looking at Amine waiting for a response. Amine stopped smiling. She sighed. "It all started at Insole's house, your devilish cousin, an-" Caddis cut her off, got up and said "Nicole wasn't devilish! She was an angel. " Amine clenched her teeth and said "You wouldn't understand, do you want to hear the story or not... Caddis sat back down and listened. "Anyway, I wanted to climb the roof with her, she said it's too dangerous we could be killed and if we do live through it, my parents would kill me. I said so what, take a chance! She was still not sure about it but she agreed to me, she admitted she only did it because she was afraid of me, surprisingly. We went up to the roof, I climbed it first and then she climbed it slowly. The roof was a triangle shape. I dared her to walk it, she said no. I did and I said now you have to do it because I did it. She sobbed while I yelled at her to do it.

    She started walking, I came closer to help her. She almost fell and tried to push me away, yelling not to help. When she did that she pushed me and I fell backward screaming. I saw her last expression, her hands were covered over her mouth and she sobbed more. I absolutely hate her, I Just despise her now and however was in her family. " Amine explained this all in 1 minute, Caddie's eyes widened. Nicole was really upset because-" Amine cut Caddis off and shouted, "NO, NO SHE WASN'T! I visited her the day after I died, there she was throwing out memories of us! She was ripping pictures to know what she said?

    She said she didn't want to remember me because of two reasons, one it was too sad and two she was scared of me realizing she killed me. " Caddis sat there clueless of what to say while Amine growled and flew into the sky leaving a gust of cold chills up and down Caddie's back. She then heard talking and laughter, she looked up and saw her friends. She smiled a bit to see them. "Hey, Caddis!!! Gig waved. They all came and sat next to Caddis on the bench. Caddis stopped smiling and looked down. "Guys... Amine told me how she died... So now I know exactly what she is going to do to me... Caddis told them and continued, filling in everything Amine told her. "Wow... Lam so sorry Caddis, do you got an idea? " Lea apologized and asked. Caddis then explained a good plan, but she told them the only flaw to it is she doesn't know when Amine will kill her. "k, let's Just settle down and we can think of something tomorrow. " Yeastiness decided. Caddis nodded, got up, and walked away, heading for home. Caddis said to herself in her head two words, I'm dead...

    Chapter 8: Thursday, October 25th, 1998

    Caddis woke up from a nightmare about the place where Amine would take her. Caddis got out of bed and went downstairs, ready for breakfast. She saw her mom getting ready for work. "Cat honey, you'll go have to make yourself breakfast again, they called me in early for work. " Caddie's mom told her rushing to get ready. Caddis nodded and got out a bowl, and then a box of cheerios. Caddie's mom looked at Caddis and felt her cheeks and forehead. "Sweetheart, you're sick you have to stay home today. " Caddie's mom told her. Caddis moaned, wanting to go to a school where there is a lot of people, instead, she has to be home... And not exactly alone. Amine would be with her of course.

    Caddis heard giggling. Caddie's mom checked Caddie's temperature and said, "Yep, looks like you're staying home. " She showed Caddie's temperature. It was 100. 3... Great. Caddis thought. Caddie's mom smiled, kissed Caddis on the forehead, grabbed her purse, and left, blowing a kiss goodbye. Caddis poured milk into her cereal and started eating it, leaving the milk on the counter and she stood while she ate it. Amine yanked Caddis up the stairs ND opened a secret door in the ceiling that led to the attic. Caddis climbed the ladder into the attic and saw old, dusty boxes. "Open this one. Amine said pushing it close to her. Caddis sat down crisis-crossed and tore it open, she gasped when she saw tons of beautiful white silk dresses, all with different designs and different length. She took out the one on the top, it was designed with beautiful white roses, the length was down to her ankles and it was white and silky. Amine smiled, her eye was twitching. "This one was my favorite, go ahead, put it on. " Amine demented nicely but it seemed she didn't really. Caddis hesitated, she didn't want to put on a dress of a dead girl but she did so she wouldn't make Amine angry.

    Amine then told Caddis to open another one. Caddis did and when she did, she saw a box full of at least two dozen dolls. She searched through it and pulled out a doll that was wearing her dress. She hugged it but she didn't mean to. She had no idea what she was thinking when she hugged Amine's doll and put on Amine's dress. "Come, let's fix your hair. " Amine suggested, sitting Caddis down in front of a mirror. Amine twisted and pulled at Caddie's hair then she wrapped it in white ribbon. Perfect, you almost look as beautiful as I do. " Amine assured Caddis. Caddis shut.

    I will name this doll Sophia. Thought Caddis. "This doll was my most favorite, so was the dress, her name is Hated. You've heard McDonald's, well this is Hated. Get it? Spell it backward. " Amine told her, smiling. Caddis took a minute to think about it. D-e-a... -t-.... H. Death... Caddis thought. Caddis dropped the doll on the floor. Amine smiled, grabbed the doll and floated through the window, leaving behind Caddis unanswered. Caddis ripped off the dress roughly, seriously ripping it. She goosed it in the box and along with the ribbon. She closed the boxes, left the attic and went to her room.

    When she entered her room she saw something familiar on her bed staring at the doorway and now Caddis. It was... Hated.

    Chapter 9: Friday, October 28th, 1998

    Yesterday, Caddis put Hated in the attic. Amine didn't show up since then. Caddis got out of bed, there was no school today. It was a teacher's day. Caddis went downstairs and saw breakfast made on the counter with a note. It read: Had to go to work early. Love you! Caddis took breakfast, strawberries, bacon, eggs, and a banana. She set it on the table and ate. Amine came and sat down across from Caddis.

    She snatched a strawberry off Caddie's plate and ate it. "l love strawberries. " Amine said eating the Juicy red strawberry. Caddis was done eating and put her plates on the counter. "When will you kill me Amine. " Caddis asked afraid. Amine floated around the room. "Ham, let's go right now, it's supposed to rain today. " Amine answered. Amine grabbed Caddie's hand and pulled her out of the house, through the woods, and arrived at Insole's house. Caddis tried to pull away but it was no use. Amine dragged her into Insole's house, up the stairs and onto a bedroom.

    Amine opened the window and climbed onto the ledge of the roof. "Let's go! " Amine yelled, climbing the roof. Caddis hung onto the ledge and pulled herself up, it was the same as monkey bars except she was going upwards diagonal. Caddis arrived at the top of the triangular roof and held onto the chimney as she stepped onto the roof. She saw clouds coming with thunder and lightning. All of a sudden rain poured down like a waterfall in the town. Amine looked up and spread her arms out like she was absorbing the rain. Amine looked at Caddis and giggled at Caddie's terrified face. k, so it's very simple.

    Just walk from this chimney to that chimney. " Amine told Caddis pointing at the chimney that was on the other side of the house. Amine started to walk to the other side, her arms spread out balancing herself. She touched the chimney on the other side. "k! Now you do it! " Amine yelled over to Caddis. Caddis started to bawl saying, "l can't do it! I can't do it, please Amine! " Amine giggled and walked over to Caddis, grabbed her hand and pulled her a little. Amine let go and stepped back. Caddis took one step and almost slipped from the rain on the roof that made it slippery.

    Amine took Caddie's hand seeing how Caddis was very unbalanced leaning this way and that way. Caddis tried to take her hand away. "Stop, don't help me! " Caddis screamed frustrated. She tried to push Amine away thinking if she did push Amine nothing would happen but Caddis was wrong. She pushed Amine and Amine fell backward Just as before when Nicole did it. Amine fell screaming and fell in a puddle. Caddis climbed down from the roof, ran down the stairs and out the door of where Amine fell. She didn't see Amine there. Caddis ran through the forest not minding her face was being mounded Amine's grave and read it.

    Here lies Amine. The wicked one who will return.

    Chapter 10: Friday, April 28, 1999

    Six Months Later... Caddis kneeled at Amine's grave inspecting it more. Caddis had a feeling inside of her that Amine was gone... For good. Caddis got up and left, heading for home. There was a gust of wind that surrounded the grave, leaves flew in the air following the wind, and suddenly stopped. Amine's head popped out of the soil and she smiled her teeth were yellow. She dug her nails into the soil and yanked herself out of the ground and stood up. Amine was back and ready for revenge.

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