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The Blunt Truth Essay Uploaded

Even though the resistance to legalize marijuana is present due to the fallacy Of the natural herb, it should be legalized because it will positively elf the economy and also has countless health benefits.Many people who oppose medical marijuana are persuaded by the propaganda due to their misunderstanding and misconception of medical marijuana.One debatable topic is that medical marijuana is considered a gateway drug.

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A gateway drug is best defined as a habit-forming drug that is not addictive, but its use may lead to the use of other addictive drugs.

The Eagle Forum stated, “Since TECH is continually in the body, the ‘high’ from pot gradually diminishes, and so pot smokers usually take other drugs to get a kick” (“Is Marijuana”). Although is it possible to build a tolerance to marijuana, it is highly unlikely for the user to move to other more addictive drugs such as cocaine and heroine. Lynn Simmer, PhD argues the correlation between medical marijuana and other drugs by stating, “In the end, the gateway theory is not a theory at all. It is a description of the typical sequence in which multiple-drug users initiate the use of high-prevalence and low-prevalence drugs” (“Is Marijuana”).

Another controversial topic with medical marijuana is the potential addictiveness it possesses to its users. According to Proton, symptoms of withdrawal from marijuana have been identified including symptoms of depression, anxiety and appetite loss that were based on 60 percent of the study participants. On the contrary, a recent study suggests that medical marijuana has no exact symptoms of withdrawal in this quote, “Unlike for nicotine, alcohol and hard drugs, there is no clearly defined withdrawal syndrome, the hallmark of true addiction, when use is stopped” (Iverson 1).

This supporting evidence displays that a user can start and stop consuming medical marijuana without any side effects or possible addiction. For the most part, medical marijuana usage is frowned upon because of many misconceptions towards negative effects. These misconceptions are propaganda based and inaccurate. With that said, medical marijuana actually has positive benefits, and even possibly an economic benefit. For people who cannot actually smoke marijuana for various reasons, “the plant may be altered into different forms to allow various forms of ingestion” (Brick).

Modifying marijuana into foods or drinks allows numerous states to be able to tax marijuana. Although the economy has experienced a downfall, he taxation of medical marijuana would contribute millions of dollars to each state’s budget. California is a prime example with a $24 billion budget deficit; the vision of adding any kind of business to the tax rolls can start to sound like a good plan. The chairwoman of the State Board of Equalization, Betty T. Ye, supports the plan and states, “it could produce annual tax revenues of $1. 4 billion [for California]” (Kate).

The government publicizes their terrible revenue like a baby crying every hour but when the baby is given a solution it ignores it and continues to cry. In addition to adding an enormous income, medical marijuana’s legalization has a potential impact on crime rates. II Paso City Council member Recourse states, “our drug policy is directly responsible for the murder and violence that people are experiencing in our sister community/’ (Kate). He also states that decentralization would “relieve a lot of the costs related to interdiction and imprisonment and enforcement and tap new revenues we’re missing out on” (Kate).

In essence, legalizing medical marijuana would reduce crime rates and lower imprisonment rates, therefore enabling the government even larger revenue. Without a doubt, medical marijuana’s legalization has the potential of adding billions of dollars while reducing crime rates; nonetheless, medical marijuana’s greatest power is its health benefits. Accordingly with medical marijuana’s economic benefit, the health benefits can help millions of people suffering from a variety of diseases. Cancer as it is known is very deadly but in some cases treatable with chemotherapy.

Many cancer patients that have gone through chemotherapy usually have unpleasing side effects, the greatest one being nausea and vomiting. Many of these patients have reverted to medical marijuana to help with the side effects and it’s shown to help. This is confirmed with this quote, “It is established that marijuana does ease the pain of cancer and the nausea of cancer chemotherapy” (McGinnis 1). Likewise, medical marijuana also helps with severe/chronic pain to ease these pains temporarily similarly to other medicine that’s usually prescribed.

The Institute of Medicine confirmed by stating ‘the available evidence from animal and human studies indicates that innovations can have a substantial analgesic effect” (Institute of Medicine). Additionally there are more diseases that marijuana can have a positive effect on such as AIDS (HIVE), Arthritis, Asthma, Gastrointestinal disorders, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Hepatitis C, and the aid with the terminally ill however these are still ongoing debates with many doctors and scientists that are for and against medical marijuana prescription. On the other hand, medical marijuana’s main benefit is that it offers any of its users happiness and hunger.

These two effects combined can temporarily relieve stress. Along with these various benefits marijuana is a natural herb grown from earth’s soil and is God’s gift to many to seek it. All facts considered, medical marijuana’s pros outweigh its cons on many different bases. Medical marijuana has the potential to greatly help the economic crisis and can also impact many people who suffer from various diseases. Those who frown upon medical marijuana do not realize the helpful benefits it contains but rather agree with the many misconceptions that have destroyed marijuana’s reputation and transformed it into an immoral substance.

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