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Jimmy Lai was born in Guangdong in 1948. He illegally immigrated to Hong Kong when he was 12. Jimmy found Giordano in 1975. In 1990, Jimmy established Next Media Ltd. Its Apple Daily and Next Weekly are two of the most popular newspapers and magazines nowadays in Hong Kong. Jimmy expanded his media business to Taiwan in 2001. He owns wealth over 3 billion HK dollars. Jimmy is a creative businessman. He demonstrated his innovative ideas no matter in garment or media industry.

Under the leading of Jimmy Lai, Giordano has become one of the leading clothing retailers in Hong Kong and owned over 200 stores since the beginning of 1990s. Jimmy brought a new practice to staff management on the retail business: outstanding sales would be rewarded for double salary. This policy was totally new to clothing retail industry at that time. Besides, Jimmy initiated the policy of “free to try and change with requiring a reason” for Giordano. It gave great confidence to the customers and built a good brand image. Media Industry: Next Media Next Media Limited was found in 1990.

What makes Jimmy Lai a creative businessman is that he has turned printed media into many innovative usages. Turning Newspaper to Direct Selling: AdMart AdMart was a Hong Kong online and phone retailer. Jimmy Lai used the enormous network and media coverage of his Apple Daily to turn a newspaper to a menu for direct selling. AdMart had been the hot topic in Hong Kong after few months it launched. Jimmy Lai’s creative business idea had fitted in many feature of the Hong Kong society at that period. First, it was in a downturn of economy, people were looking for economical alternatives other than traditional supermarkets.

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Second, the increasing unemployment provided sufficient manpower for the delivery service of AdMart. Third, Apple Daily was one of the biggest printed media in Hong Kong. AdMart enjoyed the best marketing advantage among all other retail competitors. The launch of AdMart had once been a great challenge to the top retailers in Hong Kong: Parknshop and Wellcome. Although AdMart was closed due to the certain scandals of quality of goods and price war, AdMart was still the first try to turn media business into direct selling business.

Turning Newspaper to Television Another creative business idea comes from Jimmy Lai is the Apple Action News. It is a video service provided by Next Media Limited to report most of the news from Apple Daily. Jimmy Lai realizes that many people prefer videos more than words and they like exaggerated reporting method. He starts the Apple Action News to capture this segment. Through YouTube and smartphone applications, Apple Action News has become one of the most popular information or entertaining media for Hong Kong and Taiwan consumers.

It has successfully turned printed media into to videos and boosted up the consumer awareness to both Apple Daily and Apple Action News. Turning Newspaper to Banners Jimmy Lai is good at marketing his brands. One of his most creative ideas to promote the brand of Apple Daily is to turn newspaper to banners. Apply Daily’s political status is against to the government. It always supports those antigovernment protests. On the days of large protests such as 1st of July and 4th June, Apple Daily provides banners in its first page for readers and protesters.

While some people might think that it is a waste of money, it gains opportunities to advertise Apple Daily for free. While all media in Hong Kong would report those large protests, they must take photos about the situation. As Apple Daily provides free banners for protesters, you will see people raising Apple Daily in the photos of different newspapers’ headlines. First, Apple Daily makes use of the protest opportunity to get free advertisement for its brand in different newspapers. Second, it could create a brand image that many people are reading Apple Daily.

Biography of a Successful Person.Docx Uploaded Successfully essay

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