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A Little Bit of Truth Essay

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For a week, six days in a row I went snowboarding. It was then that I thought where did the snow come from. At first I thought of “god” but of course there were no gods there are only spirits! So later on that day I thought of a weird and crazy Native American story. It had a little bit of truth with some personifications and a weird and crazy reason for why things were. So this is it. When the world was created the sheep said to their mother cow, “Why is there always rain we want something warmer”?

The big, fat, and ugly mother cow snorted with her big partly abomination snout. Then she spoke with her vampire teeth that scared everyone including her (when she looked in the mirror). “You want something other than my humble and awesome rain”? she paused for a second thinking about her next statement, and then she finally said “OK I'll give you snow” and now this is why sheep love snow. But this isn’t the end, yet there is more to come.

Instead of being really mean the mother cow didn't just punish her kid sheep, she created a short summer and fall and spring this was only because inside she had a pigs heart including the cows heart and that is why the snow melts and arrives. My theory is very reasonable and that is why you should believe in this also the wind god told me this while I was on the mountain. In conclusion my theory has truth and the wind got told me I wasn't crazy, so you have to believe.

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A Little Bit of Truth Essay essay

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