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Functions of Management Critical Essay

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Week One Individual Paper: Functions of Management Vicky L. Minik MGT/330 January 13, 2013 Dr.

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Functions of Management Critical Essay

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. Management’s functions are to achieve goals through working with and through people (Management Innovations, 2008). Each of the four management functions are valuable, and one cannot function without the other. Managers must create a detailed action plan toward a specific goal. Determining what the organization goals are and how to achieve them, management can begin planning towards the intended objective.

Setting aims and following up on the execution of the plan is a critical step in the planning process. Ensuring that the plan is both effective and efficient must be included in the initial plan. In some situations involving the employees in the planning process will empower them to get the task completed. Organizing is usually the second step in a manager’s responsibilities of his or her functions. Knowing how many people and what resources are needed for the completion of the organizations target goal is critical to the success of the company.

A manager will determine how to delegate or distribute task and position employees according to the plan. Possessing all the necessary resources so that the employees can accomplish their jobs is a process in organizing for the success of the company. Without an organized workplace a manager will face negative outcomes in reaching the planned task and will reflect in job performance. The next step is leading and is accomplished by communicating, motivating, and encouraging employees toward productivity.

Leading and managing is not the same thing contrary to popular belief. Leading is the influencing of people so that they will contribute to organization and group goals; it has to do predominantly with the interpersonal aspect of managing (Olum, July). A manager manages employees making sure that tasks are completed on time and policies are followed and adhered to. Employees see managers as one that will motivate and guide them to assist them to reach the firm’s goals. In an ideal situation a manager is also a leader.

Managers who want to lead effectively need to discover what motivates their employees and what inspires them to reach the organization objectives. Controlling is the fourth and final step in the process in which the manager evaluates and monitors the results of the accomplished goal and its effectiveness and efficiency. Managers need to pay close attention to cost incurred while fulfilling the plan. If resources are not available because of lacking funds, the organization goal cannot be accomplished.

Paying attention to the performance as well as the cost, making adjustment accordingly will assist in the company in making a profit that in turn aids the employees with job satisfaction and security. An effective manager will share this information with their employees to enhance and build trust through involvement. Being a manager involves different tasks that vary. Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are four of the main functions that must be performed in any management position.

Management is a balancing act of many diverse workings and a good manager will maintain the balance and keep employees motivated to reach the organizations goals. A manager who administers the four functions properly will be the reason why the organization will have success. References Management Innovations. (December 03, 2008). Define Management & Its Functions. Retrieved from http://managementinnovations. wordpress. com/2008/12/03/define-management-its-functions Olum, Y. (July 12, 2004). Modern Management Theories and Practices. Retrieved from http://upan1. un

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