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Technolgy and Bullying

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Technology and Bullying BY beverage Thesis Statement Cyber Bullying is the modern way to bully. Cyber Bullying is a growing issue in America. Cyber Bullying affects both genders and all culture groups. Due to the onset of suicides and homicides America is taking a stand against cyber bullying. Introduction/Body Peer to peer bullying has been going on for quite some time. My mother use to tell me "sticks and stones may break your bones, but names will never hurt me" .

Even then I am not sure that I totally agreed with her. Now as an adult In today's society, I am sure I do not agree. The times have changed since new technology has made it possible for young people to bully one another without even having to be face to face. Teens often turn devices into "weapons" through the use of social networking websites, chat rooms and text messaging Just to name a few. Through these devices they call each other names, belittle, video and threaten kids to in some cases the point of suicide.

Since the onset of Cyber Bullying a word named cybercafé has been created to depict the epidemic of suicides related to Cyber Bullying (Belles 2004). Element of he Pew Internet and American Life Survey in 2006 stated that girls are more likely to be cyber bullied then boys. Element further stated that girls between the ages of 15-17 years old are at the most risk of cyber bullying. Lastly Element found that 50% of all social network users have been cyber bullied and as little as 10% have report the crime to their parents.

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Wesley Fryer of the Texas Computer Associations describes cyber buying as impersonating and constant blobbing of a person. Fryer further states that most cyber bullies have no idea the harm the they are doing a simple parent intervention old stop the bullying without further intervention. Fryer further states the massive media attention and strict penalties of repeater offenders of Cyber Bullying is sure to restore trust in the online community pertaining to adolescents.

In conclusion the evidence shows that cyber bulling is a problem which needs to be addressed by the parent and the public at large to be deterred. I believe it's important to be educated about Cyber Belling because it will help deter bullying from happening, it will also show bullies Just what reactions they are causing to the victims notionally, and will show kids who are being bullied that it is k to talk to an adult about it.

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