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Anti bullying essay

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Everybody has their own legal and human rights, their own dreams and passions. Nobody should be left out or discriminated for their own say in things. Can you believe 600,000 children stay home each day from school worldwide because they are scared that they will be bullied and that is unacceptable?

Bullying is a huge problem worldwide. In fact, 7% of high schoolers attempt suicide every year due to bullying and 28% of students from grades 6-12 experience bullying. I myself have experienced bullying, but not to the extent of attempt suicide because I realized that I am not the words they’ve said, and most people fail to learn that. As my school, Carlingford West Public School was a ‘top’ academic school, everyone had high grades and expectations and failing one subject could lead to rejection and people looking down on you. Even though our school definitely did not have racism, as we had a very diverse school. The worst part is that some children work so hard to make someone like them, but one wrong action or word could ruin their life and cause bullying and discrimination. That shouldn’t be the case. In fact, a third of the people being bullied go on to develop social anxiety and depression.

I truly believe that even though bullying is wrong, the bullies can be forgiven. you might wonder why they would do such a thing, but maybe they are going through tough times and just happened to pass on the anger to someone else because of their stress and own problems going on. I , have the right to think that all can be forgiven, and that no one would discriminate and bully someone unintentionally. everyone was made different and equal rights is something that has been going on for a while now , but still, so many places in this small world continue.

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I believe that no one should be left out simply of their academic achievements, appearance, gestures, words or actions. Everyone is distinct in their own way and no one should change the way they are because of one’s words or actions.

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