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Tapescript Role Play in Business Meetings

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Tapescript – Role Play in Business Meetings

(NF=Nigel Fraser, M=Martin, J=John, E=Eliana, D=Denise, MK=Markus) NI think we all agree that we need to work a lot better as a team. I’ve got some suggestions for improving our teamwork. I’d like to share them with you and see how you feel about them. OK, let’s start with meetings. At the moment we meet once a month. That’s not enough. In the future, I’d like us all to meet once every two weeks. I would expect everyone to attend, and to be on time - that’s not the case at the moment as you know. So Martin, what do you think?

Totally against the idea, to be honest. Once a month is fine, surely. I’m making the most money for us at the moment and I can’t go on doing that if I have to attend meetings all the time. Anyway, when we do meet, we spend most of the time arguing with each other. A lot of them are a waste of time. No, keep things as they are. thank you, Martin. John, what do you think? Meeting once every two weeks. Compulsory attendance. JIt’s a good idea. Why not? We need to spend more time together to sort out problems, share ideas, that sort of thing. Actually, I think we should meet once a week. Now Martin, calm down. You’ve had your say. And nothing’s been decided yet. But thanks John for backing me up on this one. Eliana, how do you feel about this? I'll go along with whatever you say. It really won’t affect me much. My main problem, as you well know, is I want to move from data projectors. I’d like to sell plasma screens, they’re in great demand at the moment, that’s why Martin tops our sales, it’s not difficult to be the best when you have the best products to sell. MI thought we were talking about meetings, Nigel. Do we have to listen once again to Eliana’s complaints? No, we don’t Martin. You’re right, we’re getting off the point. Denise, let’s hear from you now. Thanks, I’d like more meetings, once a week would be OK for me, but I don’t know if attendance should be compulsory. But yeah, people should turn up on time, not drift in as they do at the moment. If we had more meetings, I’d get a chance to make a few suggestions for improving sales. And maybe I wouldn’t be interrupted so often by Martin and Markus. John seems to be the only person here who listens to me. All Oh come on now.

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Nonsense. Right. True. Could we come to order, please? Everyone calm down. Markus? Meeting once a week, once every two weeks, or keep to once a month? What do you think? Keep it as it is, once a month. That’s enough. When we do have a meeting, two or three people seem to take over, and no one else can get a word in edgeways. Frankly, Nigel, our meetings are not very productive, and that’s the real problem. I’d prefer to spend time meeting our customers and trying to drum up more sales. That’s what we’re paid for. NOK, Markus, thanks very much. Let me get a few more opinions…. Robert…. Role cards Director one You want to get rid of Nigel Fraser by asking him to resign. You do not think he is a suitable person to manage the sales team. Replace him with a new person from outside the company. The new manager would have a fresh approach to the team’s problems. Have more meetings and weekly sales reports. Reorganize the sales team into mini-groups, for example, all plasma sales staff working together. Commissions would be based on sales targets set for each mini-group. Think of other suggestions for improving the performance of the team. Keep Nigel Fraser as manager – you are a close friend of Nigel. Do you think he’s an excellent manager of a ’difficult team’?  Send Nigel on a short training course which helps managers to develop team-building skills. Get rid of Martin. He is rude and upsets members of staff. Have fewer reports and meetings. Pay commissions based on the performance of the whole team. The team should be set challenging sales targets.

Think of other suggestions for improving the performance of the team. Director three You want to: Move Nigel Fraser to another department in the company. Replace him with another member of the sales team – John? Denise? Hold the meeting of the whole department every two weeks, and allow members to express their opinions frankly. Keep Martin in the team – you are Martin’s closest friend. He is a difficult person, but a brilliant salesman, in your opinion. Reduce the sales team from 7 members to 6 (you decide who should go). Reorganize the teams (you decide how). Think of other suggestions for improving the performance of the team. Hear the opinions of the other directors before making up your mind. You are not sure whether to keep Nigel Fraser as a manager or not.  Have Eliana as manager if the other directors think Nigel Fraser should go. She is young, talented, and has good people management skills. Get rid of Markus – he is lazy, selfish, and unreliable. Ask Vanessa Byrant to come back and advise Nigel Fraser for the next six months. Send staff on regular team-building courses. Think of other suggestions for improving the performance of the team.

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