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The first Parkinson store opened in Stanley, Hong Kong in 1973. For a decade the tore remained a local retailer until the mid-sass when it began to expand outside Hong Kong. Parkinson has more than 200 stores and 9,000 employees in Hong Kong. Parkinson opened the first Superstore in Hong Kong in 1996 in Hamper Garden Phase 12 with a floor space of 4,200 mm. The first Parkinson Megastars opened in 2002 in Metro City Tsetse Swan O with a floor space of 6,700 mm. Parkinson is a member of the A. S.

Watson Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hutchison Hamper Limited. For more income opportunities, Barbershop's have create a higher-income stores are oiled as a "lifestyle" food stores and stock a large variety of imported goods, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables and many nonfood items. The market stores were launched in November 2004, when the existing 35,000-square-foot (3,300 mm) Parkinson store located at Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong was re-branded as TASTE. It is open daily from 7. AMA to midnight.

However, Parkinson have create they own brand to make a product-line the make more way to get income, both what it calls "private label" and "Best Buy" branding. As a supermarket that have they own mission that the mission, vision, and values tenement of each major retail grocery store and supermarket chain in the HIKE defines their brand, culture, and customer experience. Each mission, vision and values statement is as unique as the merchandise and shopping experience of each individual supermarket.

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There is no doubtful that all of the business that the final mission is to get the higher profit for running a business, there the no except for Parkinson, beside the profit mission, Parkinson have their own market mission

1 . Offer hundreds of promotions with especially deep savings.

2. Moneybags loyalty aerogram provides members with tailor made offers.

3. Thousands of Own Labels give customers choice, value and quality.

Wide Product Choice

1 . Hold seasonal bazaars and country food festivals frequently to provide excitement.

2. Wide range of Asian and Western products sourced from around the world.

3. Wide choice of organic food.

Freshness & Safety

1 . Quality Assurance enforces the standards in freshness and food safety audits of stores, suppliers, and fresh food distribution centre.

2. "Vegetable Bar-code ID Card" and "Farm Check" Quality Control records enable us to trace the origin of vegetable to the exact farm it was grown. They also detail the full life history of the vegetable to give you the peace of mind.

Tailored Stores

More than 260 stores in Hong Kong and Macaw with different store formats to meet the needs of different customer segments. Parkinson believe that they can achieve their objective that is striving for the shareholders' benefits as its primary goal by maximizing it growth and the share of the market, that need to implement proper corporate and business level strategy, and effective market strategy, to maintain own existing customer, to develop potential customers and to develop new marketplaces of grocery.

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