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SWOT and 4 P’s analysis

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Fort Jesus is a company incorporated to manage and run Fort Jesus tourist attraction facility in a tourist attraction centre. The company has been in business for over years and it attracts customers from al over the world.

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SWOT and 4 P’s analysis

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. The target customers want an actively engaged in exploration, learning, discovering, entertaining, and holiday making. Fort Jesus has an advantage as the only company with a vision of exploring history about the Arab and the Portugal war in the coastal towns of Africa. The industry they operate in ha very few competitors and growth has been observed in every company that is operating to the industry.

The company has cashed in since it is infancy on the expanding and high growth of market to accumulate huge financial resources that enables them to collect traditional artifacts from various parts of the continent and other continents. The company offers services such as traditional dances including the Brazil samba dance, the Mijikenda dance, the Hindu dance and the Chinese acrobatics.

This has assisted the company to move to greater heights in terms of market share. They have also contracted international media companies like CNN to market them as the best museum to visit to get what you cannot get somewhere else. Fort Jesus objectives are to consider what works and what does not work.

Through this, they have carried out research about various museums and attractions to museum and discover that the best concept is to bring majority of collections from various parts of the world. The company has employed the best human resources in marketing and customer care who receives customers and markets the services of the company to various groups in various parts of the world. The company also has participated in various trade fairs, marketing, tourism attraction centers including the Chinese 2008 Olympic trade fair which was to market some tourist attraction centers in China.

The services of Fort Jesus are well priced to attract customers of various categories. However, the market of the company is segmented into foreign and locals. The company is well positioned in an area that attracts tourists of all walks of life. It is also nearer to a university that specializes in Art and Museum education. It is at the center of an international airport and the second deepest port in the world. The road networks of the area where the museum is situated is well maintained thus any visitor thus any visitor will have no problem of accessing the facility.

The company’s biggest challenge is competition from other facilities from similar companies operating in various parts of the world who are also collecting traditional artifacts from various parts of the world to create a niche of products. The growth in the industry is encouraging although there is a pattern that protects some of the artifacts from being accessed.


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