Webster Financial: SWOT analysis

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Webster Financial: SWOT analysis


• has wireless technologies and services that have a reputation for gaining a very strong retail. This involves an emphasis for the value of quality, comfort and various range of products and updated technologies and services

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• has expanded tremendously over the past years, and has been in the procedure of growth all over the world.

• Primary capability relies on the use of information technology (IT) to significantly aid its wireless services and systems.

In short, Webster Financial can monitor their individual products and their status within the site, or even at other locations. IT also aids Webster Financial’s excellent procurement.

• is able to provide excellent client satisfaction, as the few levels of work would imply lots of time to dedicate to their clients.

• Its personnel have formulated a powerful legacy within the market.

• Has the capability to shift direction immediately if its management realizes that their marketing plan is not working properly.

• has no debts and financial losses.

In short the organization can provide excellent products and services to clients on a continuous basis.


• is one of the biggest organizations in the financial industry but has a meager control of its organization, in spite of its advantages in updated technologies. This could result to a decline in profitability in some locations where they have lesser managerial powers.

• Since Webster Financial sells its products and technologies over different markets, the organization does not possess the versatility that some of its recognized rival companies have.

• Functions al over the world, but its existence can be found in only selected areas all over the world

• Some of the organization’s less famous locations do not possess market legacy or reputation

• Some of the organization’s employees do not possess the important product knowledge base in many aspects.

• Webster Financial is still severely hampered to the temporary absences of its employees.

• The organization’s budget is unstable particularly in the early aspects of a new wireless service product innovation.


• Taking over, acquisitions, or establishing mergers with other wireless service organizations while prioritizing on powerful markets like North America or Europe.

• The establishment of new locations and branches provide Pepsi the chances to explore market improvements. This could result to the diversification of the company’s branches.

• Chances are present for Webster Financial to go on with its existing tactic of founding huge extensions all over the globe.

• Webster Financial is continuously growing, with lots of future developments to explore for success.

• The local personnel of Webster Financial are in the process of persuading local wireless service business entities to join them if possible.

• The rivals of Webster Financial may be unable to cope up with the new product innovations particularly the ones that the organization establishes.


• Being a top organization means that Webster Financial is the one to beat in both local and global markets.

• Being recognized worldwide implies that Webster Financial might be immersed to political chaos in the nations where the company has operations.

• The current changes in product technology which could probably alter the markets might test the organization’s capability to cope up to these developments

• A slight change in the priority of a huge rival might destroy any market dominance that Webster Financial has attained over its existence.

This could lead the organization to specialize in quick response but excellent quality wireless services to local companies. This would place intense pressure on the organization’s employees to be knowledgeable with the current developments in soft drinks where possible.

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