Personal Success Narrative About Shelia S. Webster’s Journey

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The transition I read is called “I have eventually found what I wanted to be when I grew up. ” It is a personal success narrative about Shelia S. Webster’s journey to going a registered nurse. This transition is really relatable to what I want to be when I grow up because I would wish to go a Pediatric Nurse. Bing a Pediatric Nurse means that you devote your cognition and accomplishments to caring for kids from babyhood to late adolescent old ages. and their households. In this transition Shelia writes about how much work and clip it took for her to go a nurse.

Shelia foremost started in the medical field as a labour and bringing staff nurse in 1993. but a few factors of this occupation rapidly had Shelia 2nd thinking her calling ( Webster ) . One factor that made her occupation less appealing was the emphasis of working in a high hazard environment ( Webster ) . The 2nd factor was the late hours. between work and school she barely had any clip to herself ( Webster ) . The 3rd factor that made Shelia want to alter her calling was the restricting attention she could supply in her installation ( Webster ) .

All of that emphasis was doing her range her breakage point ( Webster ) . While still in school. her first measure to her calling was subscribing up for the legal nurse consulting seminar and before the semester was over she knew that nursing was the occupation for her ( Webster ) . She was willing to make anything to acquire herself into the nursing plan. to accomplish this she became a claims analyst at a malpractice insurance bearer ( Webster ) . She was determined to larn every bit much as she could at the insurance company and put up an independent LNC ( Legal Nursing Consulting ) pattern in about two old ages ( Webster ) .

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Her 2nd measure was to take a pilot trial. and it was an oculus opener for her ( Webster ) . The pilot trial is like a pre-test to assist Shelia acquire an apprehension of what the concluding test will be like. Reality set in fast and she was determined to make the best she could on the concluding test. When it was clip for her to take the Legal Nursing Consulting test she did non waver to demo her strengths. She was prepared for the test due to the pattern she got from the pilot trial. and was wholly confident in herself ( Webster ) .

In 1998 she got her Legal Nursing Consulting licence and said “I am really proud to hold those initials in forepart of my last name for the remainder of my life. ” ( Webster ) There are a few grounds why Shelia’s narrative relates to my life. When I started my junior twelvemonth of high school I went to the calling centre for dental assisting. I was anticipating to travel to inscribe into Columbus State Community College. acquire a major in Dental Hygiene. and so acquire my Dental Hygienist licence in two old ages.

However. after the last two old ages of being in the Dental Assisting plan. like Shelia. I knew I did non desire to be what I thought I wanted to be. I am traveling in a new way. to major in nursing. One ground is. since I was immature I ever took excess concern for people’s well-being and would wish to do a calling out of it. I would besides wish to spread out my nursing and go a Pediatrician. The 2nd ground why Shelia’s narrative is relatable to mine is that I am great with small childs and I think that being a Baby doctor would be a good calling for me. At 19 old ages old. looking for a topographic point to get down my calling. I applied at the local day care called “Bloom Latch Key. ”

It is a forenoon and afternoon plan for grade school kids to come to if they are excessively immature to remain place by themselves to wait for the coach. or for the coach to drop them off at their houses. Finally. the 3rd ground why Shelia’s narrative is relatable to my life is because I am acquiring a occupation as a kid attention supplier to acquire my calling started like Shelia worked as a labour and bringing staff member while traveling to school to go a nurse. While I am working for the Bloom Latch Key. I am fostering my communicating accomplishments with kids and going more sociable with them by assisting them with their prep and interacting with them on the resort area.

To go a Pediatric Nurse I will necessitate an extra four to six old ages of schooling and take preparation categories throughout my calling. For illustration ; research workers find new diseases every twenty-four hours. so to maintain the parents up to day of the month with the proper cognition nurses take extra categories to larn about the freshly founded diseases.

Once I become a Pediatric nurse I will be doing about 48. 000 dollars salary as a starting motor and work my manner up to 68. 000 dollars a twelvemonth. Similar to Shelia. I am working really hard to accomplish my end in life. to go a Pediatric Nurse. I will make so by go oning my occupation at the Bloom Latch Key and constructing societal accomplishments with the kids. I will besides go on to work hard in school and do whatever it takes to go a Pediatric Nurse.

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