Tee Jays: SWOT analysis

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Tee Jays: SWOT analysis

In order to understand Tee Jays new business venture, it is essential to do a SWOT analysis of the company. Strengths: The strength of Tanveer Jamshed was his creativity and his ideas. He came up with a totally new idea which no one had ever come up with before. Nobody had ever thought of bringing in new designs in shalwar kameez let alone designing men’s shalwar kameez. Tee Jays was the one to bring in this new idea. At that time, the British had left a long lasting impact on the minds of the Pakistani People.

They thought wearing Shalwar Kameez was low class and that only middle or low class people who could not afford to wear pant shirts wore shalwar suits. Tanveer Jamshed brought in new innovative designs in shalwar kameez which were said to be designers and yet affordable. The upper class and the masses could wear the same thing at the same time. It had never happened in the history before, and still there is no designer who has made his designs available not only for the upper class but also for the masses. Tee Jays is until now the only designer who has done so.

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Therefore, he has an edge over everyone else. Tee Jays main strength was his creative designs and new ideas for shalwar kameez which until now, no one had thought of. His strength was also his thinking which was different from everyone else, as he had pride over his country and the national dress unlike people of that time who thought wearing shalwar kameez was a taboo. (Sartaj, n. p, 2007; Isani, n. p, 2007)). Weaknesses: His main weakness was how little investment he was putting into this thing. If he would have stated big with a lot of advertisements, he would have gone far than he has gone today.

When Tanveer Jamshed started he had only 2 sewing machines which obviously made it difficult for him to attract the masses. Apart from this, Tanveer Jamhsed had thought through everything and there were little weaknesses which could hinder this entrepreneurship of his. (Isani, n. p, 2007) Opportunities: Being the national dress of Pakistan, shalwar kameez had an edge as it could not be forgotten. It was then considered as a uniform and was worn in various government offices. When Zia Ul Haq came, Tanveer Jamshed had an opportunity to really indulge in the market as he had made the national dress compulsory.

Moreover, PTV drama serials have given lot of opportunities to Tee Jays. From his first Wardrobe he did for a Drama Kiran Kahan he did almost 147 others. This was a big breakthrough for him as at that time when people in Pakistan used to get really indulged in these popular drama serials. Tee Jays spoke out its creativity and style through these dramas. When Tanhayan came, everyone who had watched this drama was copying Marina Khan’s wardrobe designed by Tee Jays. Hence it can be said that the main opportunity Tee Jays got was through designing wardrobes in Drama Serials.

People started dressing up in all sorts of colors; tight slit free shirts became fashionable. Tee Jays managed to remove the taboo which was associated with being fashionable in Pakistan. As mentioned earlier, girls who were a bit fashionable never got married. Tee Jays revolutionized the way people think of fashion and made it acceptable to the masses. (Sartaj, n. p, 2007; Isani, n. p, 2007)). Threats: When Gen Zia came he made it compulsory for everyone to wear a shalwar suit. However what he did not realize is that when something is imposed upon people, people tend to throw it away the first chance they get.

This is exactly what happened there. When Gen Zia left, every one started wearing pants and shalwar kameez went in the background. This was the main threat. As it went in the background people forgot how they had initially accepted shalwar kameez as being fashionable dress. They again considered it for the middle and the lower class and went back to their norms. It became very difficult for Tanveer Jamshed to start it all over again. Influence from the western culture was again a big threat for Tee Jays. People liked pants more than they liked their national dress.

However Tanveer Jamshed managed to take the society out of that mind set and was able to revolutionize the fashion industry. (Isani, n. p, 2007) Conclusion Shalwar kameez went in the background, however Tanveer Jamhsed did not loose hope and his company started seek gin other opportunities. Today, tee Jays not only designs shalwar suits, but also pants, shirts and other dresses. Today in the cut throat competition of the country, where the fashion industry has evolved from nothing to hundreds of designers who have their own fashion shows etc, Tee Jays is still a big name.

Wining the life time achievement award was a big thing for this company. (Isani, n. p, 2007) According to Tanveer Jamshed, the new world order has already flooded our fashion market with merchandise. “They will wash out Pakistan's fashion industry. We've lost the markets of children's clothing, shoes, and accessories. It's gone. The act is almost over. I want to help bring it back. I want to start a fashion school. I have the land; I'm planning a state of the art fashion school in Karachi. Fashion schools need to breed creativity. They need to be a place that inspires, not where the exterior offers no energy.

It needs to be conducive to craziness. There needs to be music, madness. There's so much to do here. "(Sartaj, n. p, 2007). Tanveer Jamshed has come a long way. He has revolutionized the fashion industry and made it what it is today. He is not just an entrepreneur but he is a leader who has made people realize and love their national dress. Even though today he not only designs shalwar suits but also various other things, he is still known as the person who brought a revolution in the shalwar suit of Pakistan. He is truly an icon and an example to follow.

It was very difficult for him to pour out his creativity to the others. As mentioned above, he wants to help bring back the lost market of shoes, accessories, bags and children clothing which the Pakistani market has lost. New merchandise pouring in from the west and China has made it difficult for people to bring in new ideas and fashion accessible for the masses. The new designers coming up are only catering the upper class and there is nothing available for the middle class. Tanveer Jamshed’s biggest strength was that he not only catered the upper class but his products were available to the masses also.

He wants to make an art and fashion school in Karachi in order to help the new designers come up. He has challenged new designers to make twelve dresses which are less than 1500 rupees each. As today, dresses are far more costly and pricier and people are still buying as the brand name reflects the class they belong to, Tanveer Jamshed is still not out of ideas and wants to bring in fashion accessible to the masses and not only to the upper class. (Isani, n. p, 2007) Like said earlier, an entrepreneur is not just a person who comes up with a new idea and makes a new organization.

An entrepreneur is a leader, who brings innovative changes which are not only for the betterment of the society but also provide the society with something good. Tee Jays provided the society with a sense of being a Pakistani. He provided the society the acceptance and love of their national dress. Tee Jays has brought a drastic change in the society, people who were not willing to wear shalwar kameez at all, were now readily buying various designs of shalwar suits depending on their needs and the number of occasion they have to go to.


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