Surviving the Cold War

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When America dropped a bomb on Japan in 1945 it marked the end of World War 2 and the beginning of the Cold War. The government urged citizens to be prepared for the worst; an atomic bomb. It was a time of extreme fear. It was a time to take measures in your own hands to protect your family. As head of my household during the cold war it would be hard not to fall pray to the constant propaganda of the day. Since any above ground post atomic attack survival strategies would be futile; efforts would be made for an underground or bunker survival.

I would build a shelter at least four levels deep underground. The engineering behind this structure would have to be well thought out. Things like radiation resistant paint would be carefully considered. Every minor detail would be planned out before taking on construction. The creation of a survival plan would be part of the essential strategy. This would be rehearsed on a regular basis so in the event, things would operate smoothly. Each member of the family would be charged with specific duties, to avoid any confusion and chaos.

It would be practiced routinely so that it becomes second nature. In order to survive extended periods of time in a confined space your basic requirements must be met. The storage of water and food would be priority. I would try to build a tank that could hold at least a thousand gallons of water; as for food as many dried and can goods as possible. There would be no such thing as too much. My goal would be to have enough resources to last a year. I would make sure we had adequate power supply with back up generators and batteries for a year.

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Having an extensive first aid kit would be fundamental, in case of minor injuries and exposure to hazardous materials. Another key strategy would be secrecy. Information about the family bunker and supplies would not be shared with neighbors or any other non family members. I feel this is imperative for our survival. If the news of our location was shared with people our survival would be compromised because of having to share our resources and limited space. Finally the need for information would be a central motivator for reading the paper and watching the news reports about nemy operations and threats against the homeland.

Keeping abreast of the news would let me know if it is safe to go outside or not. If we are expecting anymore bomb treats and generally what’s going on in the world around us. In any society that lives under fear, it is extremely important to be informed. Being prepared as best as possible would be your only chance for survival. Throughout history mankind have engaged in wars and I firmly believe that like them, we too; are resilient and can survive with the right preparations.

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