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Madison Montz Health Psych Super Size Me Reaction Paper It is no secret that our nation is becoming more and more obese. So what is causing the widespread issue of obesity? Well, there are a variety and combination of reasons such as overeating, lack of exercise, fast food, processed food, dieting, genetics, and sedentary lifestyles. Morgan Spurlock decided to tackle one aspect of this problem with his idea of examining McDonalds.

He followed three rules as during this journey: he could only eat what was available over the counter, including water, no super sizing unless it was offered, and he had to eat and try every item at least once. Before Spurlock began his McDonalds diet, he went to numerous doctors and nutritionists and everyone told him that he was in shape and in good health. In 30 days, Spurlock consumed as much McDonalds as most nutritionists would advise someone to have in 8 years! He revealed to the public the truth about fast food.

Something many already knew, but found it easier to avoid the fattening truth. I was very surprised, not to mention grossed out, to learn that about 95% of the commercials that children see are for foods filled with sugars and fats. Children are bombarded with images of fast food by media advertising. Most Americans understand the marketing strategy of McDonalds: to appeal to the young. That is why they have a clown for a mascot, Happy Meals which include children’s toys, and just about every location has a “play zone” for kids.

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The food is fast, comparatively cheap, and hot, which makes it a convenient dinner-choice for parents, especially after a long day. So who is to blame: kids, parents, or the business? In my opinion, it is 100% the parents’ responsibility to see that their children eat well and get adequate nutrition. Children do not have the knowledge, understanding, or maturity to choose what’s healthy to eat; of course they’re going to want food that tastes yummy and appeals to them! Businesses have one main goal in mind: to make money.

In fast food, that often equates to using cheap ingredients and doing what it takes to make it taste good so that it is marketable. No business is holding a gun to parents’ (or children’s) heads, forcing them to buy their product. It is the sole responsibility of the parent, who has the knowledge and the maturity, to decide what is healthiest for their child to eat. Fast food companies have even come out with healthier side and drink options for children; instead of French fries, they can have apple slices and instead of shakes or sodas, they can have milk.

The parents are the ones ordering the meals and paying for them (with their wallets and their health)! This movie sends the message that eating at McDonalds is a clear and present danger. Super Size Me not only examined the damage a fast food diet is capable of doing to a person, but it shows it visually. I learned that even the McDonalds foods that would be considered healthy, including the yogurt with granola, have more fat than a chocolate or caramel sundae, and even the ketchups are tomato concentrates filled with sugars!

Therefore, customers need to closely examine the content of items served at McDonalds and beware of super sizing. I think it is easy to point the finger instead of taking responsibility for oneself and what individuals put into their bodies. In conclusion, Spurlock became addicted to this diet. Food can be much like a drug that the body gets used to. He found that eventually this food pumped him up when he was feeling depressed. That is why people keep coming back to fast food and why Americans are overweight. Junk food is addictive.

I believe that overweight people should empower themselves by realizing the solution is simple: by eating healthier, smaller portions and moving more, you will feel better and have more energy! I think McDonalds faces a similar issue that the tobacco companies deal with: people try to sue them for selling them a product that harmed their health, even though the people buying the product knew the dangers but went ahead and did it anyways. It all gets traced back to responsibility. We live in America, the country of the free, and we all make the conscious choice, daily, as to what we’re going to eat that day. Bottom of Form

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