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Successful Student

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The enrolled in college The Developmental Writing class refreshed some of the skills I had learned in English class such as Journal writing, vocabulary enrichment, critical thinking, paragraph patterns, and short essays. The course also proved useful in improving my sentence composition and study habits The Learning Strategies course dealt with several aspects of improving my skills as a student. The first thing the course taught was that Success does not happen by luck or chance, it is the result of hard work, honest self-assessment, setting goals, and planning for the future.

Interpersonal skills must be developed by learning to cooperate with teachers, and students through understanding and acceptance. I must try to be an active learner who takes initiative to seek help, be involved by asking questions when I am unsure f the answers. The best students are self-motivated, and know what their goals are, and the surest way to reach them Discovering your learning style and putting it to use is very important, we all learn in different ways if you take the time to figure out which way works best for you your retention will be much better.

After finding my particular style I am able know how to get the most from learning in a way that is the easiest and most comfortable for me. There may not be a single best way to learn, sometimes it takes a combination of different ways to allow me learn best. The class also taught me the meaning of the term Locus of Control which refers to the source of motivation. It can be either internal or external. Internal is taking responsibility for my actions, and results external means others control my motivations, and I see little connection between my actions, and their results.

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Successful Student

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I found out how important the ability to use critical and creative thinking is in order to be successful in my studies. Critical thinking is the ability to use logical, conscious, and purposeful reasoning. It includes the process of self-reflection where I can examine my actions, and there uniqueness. Creative thinking has some of the same qualities, but also adds inventive and original thoughts as well. It helps me apply what I have learned in new ways.

My definition of a successful student is a student who continues to do the best that he can, and always tries to improve as much as he can. I will endeavor to put all of the skills I have learned, and continue to learn here at Roan State to the best use that my ability allows. If I can manage to do so I will be more successful both as a student and later on as a graduate of Roan State So much has changed in the past months being here it is sometimes very difficult to keep it in prospective.

My classes and the instructors I have been exposed to continue to reshape my way of thinking. The more I attend College the more I realize how much I had, and still have to learn. As I continue my education my ability as a student continues to improve while learning to tie the information presented to me together. I can see now why I was always told that an education is such a valuable thing to have, and not to be taken for granted. My only regret at this point of my experience is that I did not have this opportunity sooner in life.

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