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Planning a Successful Birthday Party

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Planning a birthday party is not as easy as attending one. In fact, it requires skill and talent one could not imagine. In my experience, planning a birthday party for my friend gave mixed feelings of excitement and thrill. I was excited of how the whole thing would come up, and thrilled at the same time, thinking I might forget something important on the occasion itself. To have a successful birthday party, one should have adequate time to prepare. Also, it is important that the organizer has some background of the host.

In my case, since the host is my close friend, it was easy to communicate and know what he wanted. Therefore, I had the party planned to his wish, and everything seemed to come out perfectly. To make sure everything fell into the right place, we initially made a checklist of all the things we had to accomplish. Just like in any gathering, the first thing to consider was the budget. The number of guests, amount of food, kind of venue and entertainment all depend on the budget. Since my friend allotted an average budget of around USD, we had to stick to it and make sure we did not exceed the limit.

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Considering the budget and the popularity of my friend in the neighborhood, we came up with a list of 100 guests. The invitees included close relatives, friends, and some important people in the neighborhood. When the guest list was done, it was time to decide on the time and venue for the party. Due to the rain showers in the afternoon, we opted to hold the party in the morning. This could likewise allow more time for socialization and on-stage presentation. We chose ____ as the venue and after reserving it, we sat down to prepare the invitation.

In it, we mentioned the theme, “Sing, Dance and Laugh: Feel the Joys of Youth. ” This gave the guests an idea of the singing, dancing, and other fun activities they could expect at the party. When everything was set, we printed out the invitations and sent them to the guests __ days ahead of the big day. The next thing we did was to decide on the food. Aside from the budget, we deemed it important to consider the appropriateness of the food to the celebration. Since my friend wanted to have a casual party, baby back ribs, hamburgers, hotdogs, and softdrinks made up our menu.

We also included some low fat cottage cheese, carrot and celery sticks with dip and flavored water for those who preferred a low-fat diet. To grace the occasion, we planned a one-hour presentation. We asked some friends to render song numbers, while the other guests danced to the beat of the songs. As the big day drew near, we got more excited with the preparations. I sensed that my friend was excited to see his invited guests, while I dwelt on the thrill of knowing how our plans would take place.

On the day of the party itself, we were happy to see everything the way we planned it. The venue, the food, and the presentations made the guests feel the warmth and joy my friend wanted to share on his birthday. The efforts we had during the preparations were truly rewarded by the laughter and smile on the faces of the guests. Although holding a birthday party can be heavy on the pocket, it surely helps people get to know each other and cherish relationships. I am truly happy for my friend and for being part of the entire celebration.

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