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Sony Corporation of America, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of Japan, concentrates on producing electronic products from gaming consoles to laptops and digital cameras in the domestic market of United States. As a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of Japan, Sony Corporation of America is being expected to include their financials into the books of Sony Corporation of Japan and adhere to the federal laws of the United States.

Furthermore, Sony Corporation of Japan will have 50 percent voting stock on Sony Corporation of America for the former to have voting power on the decision making process and other matters concerning the operations of Sony Corporation of America in the United States. In short, a subsidiary is still under the influence of their parent company though it has a different sent of legal identity.

In order for Sony Corporation of America, and other subsidiaries of Sony Corporation of Japan, to develop the skills and talents of their employees and managers in the field of international operation, Sony Corporation of Japan established the Sony University wherein managers and employees from its subsidiaries will participate in global networking programs. The said strategy of skill development of Sony Corporation of Japan enables the key personnel of their subsidiaries, including Sony Corporation of America, become expose to various international influences that might affect the operation of their respective companies.

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The global networking program provides forum for dialogue between participants from various subsidiaries and top management of Sony Corporation of Japan which at the end of the day produces new innovative action plans for the entire company regarding their international operations. In 2006, around 72 managers and employees from various subsidiaries around the globe attended the said program. Furthermore, Sony Corporation of Japan provided a training program to all of its subsidiaries that will improve the skill level of their employees and senior executives suitable to the country or region where they operate.

One possible training program that Sony Corporation of Japan provides to Sony Corporation of America, and so with other subsidiaries, would be the technological training and business training that encompasses group training sessions, e-learning, and correspondence courses which depends on the objectives of a given subsidiary. The said training provides enough room for Sony Corporation of America’s managers to develop their ability to improve the skills of their subordinates through “Management Basics” under the Business Training Program of Sony Corporation of Japan.

Due to these training programs of Sony Corporation of Japan, Sony Corporation of America has been able to maintain their good performance in their international operation and on how to respond to various forces in the international market. On the other hand, regarding the issues concerning Sony Corporation of America, one possible issue that it presently faces would the defected batteries of their laptops in the market. An accident happened in Illinois where a user of Sony VAIO received minor degree burn after his laptop exploded due to the overheating of its battery.

As a response to this issue, Sony Corporation of America launched the Sony VAIO Battery Replacement Program to swap all of the substandard batteries that they released in the market (Support. sony. com, 2008). Actually, it is not only in the Sony Corporation of America where Sony VAIO Battery Replacement Program was launched, almost all of the subsidiaries of Sony Corporation of Japan provided the said program to their respective customers to answer their concerns regarding the overheating incidents of Sony’s lithium ion notebook computer battery packs.

Therefore, despite of the quality issues that Sony Corporation of America currently faces, it still remain responsible on covering the adverse effects of their defected products in the market through replacing them with new ones.


Support. sony. com (2008). Sony VAIO Battery Replacement Program. Retrieved May 30,

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