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Submit a Draft of your Definition of Character

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MORALS Morals are ethics, codes, values, principles and custom of a person or society. It is the study of human behavior about what is wrong or right, good or bad. Morals are the values which establish the standard of every individual towards the society. It helps the person to develop sense of loyalty towards his responsibilities and duties. It is key to distinguish wrong person from right on the basis of behavior to others and society. They are the ideals of the person which are followed by them in their life.

Some of examples of morals “are not to cheat others for illegal purpose”, “always respect elders” and “not be cruel to animals”. ETHICS: It is that branch of philosophy that is concerned with evaluation of human behavior. It is the quality or state of being of sound moral principle such as uprightness, honesty and sincerity. Ethics in general means behavior which indicates right or wrong behavior of person. It is bunch of moral values and fundamental principles which determines moral duties and obligation.

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Submit a Draft of your Definition of Character

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Ethics is the study and judgment of good or bad, right or wrong etc. It determines such professional standards, commitment and fairness towards their profession or general public. It is the standard of conduct by which individual guides his own actions and judges that of others. Ethics is also used in determining public policy. For e. g. “Is getting an abortion immoral? ”, “What are human rights, how do we determine them? ” and “Do animals have rights as well? ” INTEGRITY: Integrity refers to quality of person’s character.

Integrity is a matter of persons integrating various parts of their personality into a harmonious, intact whole. Integrity helps the persons to draw line between his orders of preference. For example “An intelligent person spent his limited money on the most desired need and than on other need”. The person of sound mind, sincerity and trustworthiness can make such intelligent decisions. The person with integrity earns more respect in respect to others as they are more effective leaders. Therefore, the people who lead their life with integrity receive more success.


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