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Perform Research Steven Harking Professional Communications/GAUGES 7/24/14 Lori Thomas Professional Communications What exactly is self-marketing? Before we can properly understand what this means, first we must take a look at the current conditions in the Job-market. Over the years, it has grown increasingly competitive.

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. Not only are they competing with more skilled errors in our country, but now with a globalizes market, they are competing with workers who live overseas as well. This is where Self-marketing comes into play. Another way of thinking about self-marketing is personal-branding.

Self-marketing uses certain branding tools to create a positive desired image around you the employee rather than a specific product. Using these tools effectively can help separate yourself from thousands of other potential candidates and employees by allowing you to: highlighting your experiences, networking with employers, and alluding profiles where you can show off examples of your work. Social Networking sites, blobs, and professional conferences, are specific examples of platforms you can use to help accomplish this.

Backbone is a great place to start. Most of us already use Backbone and so you already are somewhat familiar with their protocols. Something I have done is created a page where I can market my research on health too larger audience. It is called Health Over Wealth and on this page, I share articles about how to live healthy. These articles can range from things like the science Enid a good night's rest, all the way to ideas for vegetable and fruit smoothies.

It is easy to create your own page, it is free, and it can be used as a great self-marketing tool. Instead off focus on health like I have done, you can use it as a portfolio of sorts to showcase your strengths and assets as a potential employee towards the industry of your preference! Chances are you already have a good amount of friends of Backbone. Any one of those friends has friends of their own who you have not met yet. When your friends like your page they will see your page on their walls.

Also, for example if you are at a Job fair and are handing out resumes, you can communicate to the different employers there that you have a profile on Backbone that showcases your strengths in more detail. Internet marketing is a big deal and a valued skill to many employers these days. If you can successfully market yourself, then a company will trust you to market their products on these same types of platforms. Another great tool to use that I actually learned in my first year at ITT is Linked In. Employers are well aware of Linked In and actively search for employees on this site.

In fact, Linked In can be more useful to you then Backbone because while Backbone has many different uses, Linked In is more specific in its use as primarily a Job marketing tool. Something I really like about Linked In is that you can meet and network with many individuals all over the world that are in your industry and learn from them. You can check out their pages and see how they are marketing themselves and draw from those techniques

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