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Best 4 Business Communication Limited, needs to integrate some concepts into its ‘Driven Business Development’ change initiative that is aimed at enabling it meet organizational objectives if it has any shot at being more aligned with its environment and take maximum advantage of its market potential. Recent changes in the terrain of business, demand that a business needs to realign its strategies, products and objectives and center them around specific market segments (Day, 2010).

Evidence emanating from the market indicates that corporations that have made efforts towards this end are proving to be more successful than those which do not (Day, 2010). Customers are an integral part of an organization, thus for the objectives of an organization to be met effectively and efficiently, an organization should consider them if any change initiative is to be successful (Galbraith, 2002). Gone are the days in which organizations could simply design products or mechanisms and expect their customers to adapt (Day, 2010).

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However, this process can potentially be disruptive to an organization naggating achievement of intended organizational aims(Day, 2010). To avoid this pitfall, Best 4 Business should aim at creating a product centered change initiative instead of simply integrating departments with the aim of improving communication and flow of information (Day, 2010). It is also important that employee functions, products and consumers are not simply bundled together, but an overriding product centered approach should be the guiding mantra (Day, 2010).

The task of aligning to the market requires plenty of compromises on part of the organization, is a long time consuming process that is only possible with the highest levels of commitment on the part of the organization's leadership (Day, 2010). The obstacles described above mean that it is prudent for the management of Best 4 Business Communication Limited, to understand the scope and nature of changes needed to align the company with its environment (Day, 2010). First, it is worth noting that for optimal results, Self Organization 2 Best 4 Business Communication Limited, need not to fully align with the market (Day, 2010).

Desirable results can still be achieved with having a product -focused organizational structure (Day, 2010). The required then, for Best 4 Business Communication Limited would be to (Day, 2010): 1. Focus employees on the overall consumer experience 2. Anticipate the above named challenges and mitigate them by conducting the alignment process keeping in mind the possible delays, resources and adaptation process that employees and the organization will require. 3. Comprehend that alignment is not a static process and therefore, Best 4 Business Communication Limited will need to periodically readjust its product centered structure.

The above named realignment initiative more often, will demand simple coordinating efforts that are less demanding in terms of the demands on the resources of the company (Day, 2010). The diversified nature of Best 4 Business communication Limited require a higher level of coordination as a a primary focus on the product alone may lead to challenges such as the creation of too many pathways that may stress the resources of the firm and the challenging task the continual segmentation of consumer preferences that occurs with multiple products posses.

One of the strategies that may be useful is informal lateral coordination (Day, 2010). This involves of mechanisms where closely related departments such as sales and marketing can avoid schism borne out of perceived failing by either department that impair the achievement of the goals of the other (Day, 2010). Informal lateral coordination can be achieved by (Day, 2010): 1. Allowing the two departments to maintain some autonomy in their operations but the aim of both related departments should be towards the fulfillment of common goals. 2.

Incorporating the services of a well trained, experienced and exposed product manger whose function in Best 4 Business Communication Limited will be to coordinate the two related departments and iron out areas of conflict to streamline entire product centered operations. 3. Allow for mixing of employees from both departments so as to allow each employee to get a feel of what the functions and challenges of fellow employees working in other departments undergo. 4. Instituting an overarching Customer Related Management system that will standardize information and access to information on customer data such as their preferences.

The role of product mangers should be to act as the advocate for the customer within the organization (Homburg, Workman, ; Jensen, 2000). based on their focus on the customers needs, these mangers are tasked with the responsibility of oversight of all departments by offering advice, coordinating activities, keep the multifunctional teams along the track of alignment with consumer needs and identifying unmet customer needs and keep tabs on changing customer preferences (Homburg, Workman, ; Jensen, 2000).

These functions of the product mangers should then be augmented by institutionalism them via creation of a group of interrelated strategic business units (Day, 2010). The Strategic business units will work to maximize specific consumer segments thus allowing for satisfaction of segment needs and preferences which leads to easier identification of market and product gaps; a factor that enables the exploitation of existing competitive advantages as consumer needs inevitably take center stage in decision making (Day, 2010).

In the case of Self Organization 4 Best 4 Business Communications limited, the strategic business units should enjoy some autonomy in resources, area of focus and expertise to avoid competition that makes coordination difficult (Day, 2010). To achieve this industry reports point towards adaptation of the hybrid front/back design that constitutes well grounded consumer- focused “front end” units offering integrated solutions and product business units that avail systems that will enable combination of solutions (Galbraith, 2002).

Self Organization 5 References Galibraith, J (2002). Designing Organizations, San Francisco: Josssey-Bass. Day, G. , S (2010). Aligning the organization with the market, Wharton School. Retreived 30 July2020, http://knowledge. wharton. upenn. edu/papers/1315. pdf Homburg, C. , Workman, J. ,P ; Jensen, O. (2000). “ Fundamental changes in marketing organization: The Movement toward a customer-focused organizational structure,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 28, fall edition.

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