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My Future Career Goals

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Firstly, the most Important thing I have to do is that to position myself before setting the future goals. As the matter of fact. I just have begun the tertiary education (Master of international hospitality management) and had no experience in the hospitality industry. Thus, the nearest object should be successful graduated from the master course. King (2011, p. 21) states interestingly that if we are standing at the top of corporate ladder at the world prominent firms, a master degree could be not necessary, but If not, the master degree Is a very good idea for those who desire to climb Into the top positions.

Ideally, as another part of my career goals Is that the capacity for working as a middle manager at a renowned reparation within six months after graduation and then up to general manager of F&B department after two years. Moreover, the further aim is probably to own and manage a French restaurant by myself in the next three years. Obviously, in the hospitality area there is a variety of different chances in a huge of the professional position ranges globally.

It refers that the career potential of this industry is unlimited and even growing rapidly. Has (201 5, p. 197) claims that the last decade indicated that a particular milestone for tourism industry with the rapid growth by 38 recent (from 686 million to 946 million) of international tourist arrivals generally over the world and in Asia Pacific region in particular. Therefore, high educated employees in tourism and hospitality area are considered as a tool to due to the lack of professional labor resource.

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My Future Career Goals

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It is clear that by aligning myself with such proficient skills and appropriate knowledge, I could expect that there are a plenty of golden myself and current skills inventory Self-awareness is considered as the most advantageous and crucial tool which can contribute to success in career aspirations. Messenger (cited in Wheaten & Cameron 011) reminds: "He that would govern others must first master himself". It seems that self-awareness is a key foundation of development leading to success in a manager's role.

According to Hansen, RSI & Hansen, K (2007), the useful technique in the business strategy are known as SOOT can be applied to analyses oneself and contribute to career planning. Typically, by combining different self-assessments such as NEFF dimensions of AMBIT (cited in Barras et. Al 2005), an "accommodated" concept in Sob's learning (cited in Honey & Uniform 2006), or PAM'S assessment (Wheaten and Cameron 2005, up. 3-28), the essential information about myself would be summarized in the table below: I Strengths Weaknesses Education: graduated from a renowned institute in hospitality area.

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