The Structure of The Magazine: Magazine Designing

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First I had to do some research which mostly I done by looking at magazines such as ‘HELLO’ ‘OK’ ‘TOP GEAR’ as I was looking through the magazines I was comparing the layouts of the magazines. I also did some internet research looking at what type of articles which would go in a magazine and also what type of font is used in a magazine. My magazine will be aimed at both genders of any age. At first I had chosen to do my magazine on the world’s fastest cars, which was all about cars, and also inform you on drivers from the formula one.

After a while I got bored of the Idea of cars. This is because I saw that other people in my class, where coming up with better ideas. So this is when I decided to change my magazine completely and do it on music because I thought this way my magazine could compete with other magazines, because I had added more colour and really stood out among others. Also I made sure that if I wanted it to really stand out; I decided to put popular artists on my front cover, to make sure that it really caught the target audience’s eye.

I used the computer to produce my magazine, this is because I thought using the computer would be the best method do design and create magazine because, it has software’s which allow you to insert text and pictures on the same page. Also using the computer allows you to access the internet, where you can do some research and find pictures to use in your magazine. Also the computer has many more option that allows you to play around with things ike your title and improve on it. For my font I decided to use different fonts, because I thought it would be a good Idea to vary the fonts and sizes, to make it stand out more from other magazines.

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For the colours on my front cover I decided to use, three, a basic dark colour for my background which was grey, then I used blue, lime green, and pink on the grey to make these colours stand out. There a lots of websites which I used for my images such as:

  • Google images
  • Picsearch
  • Urban ink

My marketing will begin in shops and in between music charts breaks, and TV programs such as 106 & Park, as my target audience will have a greater chance of coming across it. The reason for using TV shows such as 106 & Park is because, In my magazine there will be a chance to win a tickets to be able to go on the show. My magazine would be one of the magazines which people will buy. It attracts young people who love music.

It will be successful because, it will be featuring different music artists every week and will let you know about your music idols. For example this week it will be featuring Drizzy Drake, Nicki Minaj. I think the most attractive thin about my magazine is that it gives you the chance to win tickets to shows such as 106 & Park, where you will be able to meet these artists which you will be reading about weekly. I personally I would buy this magazine, because I love music and one of my favourite hobbies is to listen to music in my free time.

This magazine would benefit being on the shelves one because it’s a music magazine and it’s rare to see music magazines being sold in shops. Secondly it’s because it gives me the chance to meet these artists which I will be reading about. The look of the magazine would definitely attract customers to buy it, the front of the page would attract readers because, I’ve used colours which stand out, and also on the front it has 2 of the most famous artists in the music industry on the front page. By having these artists, this will attract customers more.

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